Jungsun Kim

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ResearcherID: J-3736-2015

ResearcherID (2015-08-11)


Jungsun Kim, Ph.D. is a newly-arrived (October 2017) faculty at the Oregon Health & Science University School of Medicine as CEDAR Scientist, Member of Cancer Biology Program at Knight Cancer Institute, and an Assistant Professor of Molecular&Medical Genetics. Dr.Kim’s long-standing interest is the reversible regulatory mechanism underlying cancer development and progression, with an ultimate goal to apply the findings in early cancer therapy. To this end, she demonstrated a proof-of-principle of a PDAC-iPS system that provides a human cell model for unprecedented experimental access to different stages of human pancreatic cancer. Using this system, she uncovered a regulatory network and a secreted or released protein that can discriminate early resectable stage I pancreatic cancer patients as well as all stages of PDAC from healthy controls. Following these studies, her research team will focus on the following areas; Reprogramming and Programming of Cancer (1) The role of reprogramming factors in cancer and the oncogene-induced barriers in reprogramming. (2) The regulatory networks in pluripotency transiently suppress cancer phenotypes (3) The regulatory network during the transition from precursors to invasive pancreatic cancer
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