Américo Mateus



Ph.D,Head of Research at DELLI - Design Lusofona Lisboa - ULHT previous Faculty and IDEAS(R)EVOLUTION Applied Research group coordinator at Universidade Europeia /IADE – Creative University Portugal. He is an active Business entrepreneur in the fields of Design and Innovation, marketing, Social Innovation and Creativity. Américo is a System Thinker, course creator, creative leader, models and tools developer and at his essence a provocateur, disruption igniter and bias toward change. His passion is to challenge existing dogmas and paradigms applying research methods designed “trough the Eyes of the user/consumer”. He his a “Science to the market believer” and his work as a senior innovation facilitator and cross-pollination mind-set his recognised by his co-workers, students, colleagues and peers. Is quest for “doing things different and better” makes him an inspirational leader and an innovation faculty and speaker.

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