Jackson C Kirkman-Brown



Jackson holds an NIHR Senior Clinical Lectureship in Health Care Science, is a Reader at the University of Birmingham and Science Lead at Birmingham Women’s Fertility Centre. An Andrologist by training, he has a strong belief in placing care for the patient at the heart of how services are delivered. As part of this he is keen to emphasise the importance of the male partner and sperm health in conception, miscarriage and ongoing child health. Jackson created the UK fertility preservation pathway for servicemen with traumatic genital injuries, for which he was awarded an MBE and named Health Care Scientist of 2014 by the NHS Chief Scientific Officer. Jackson is the current Coordinator for ESHRE SIG Andrology and he also leads the UK ESHRE – BAS Basic Semen Analysis Course. Jackson’s research focuses upon fostering multi-disciplinary collaboration to examine the physiology of how the female reproductive tract selects sperm, how sperm modulate the environment of the tract and the exploitation of both these phenomena in assisted conception. Most recently he has become the research lead for the Paternal DNA / sperm research theme in the new Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research.

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