Albuquerque, H



Helena Albuquerque holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering, MSc in Coastal Zones Sciences and a BSc in Geography. She also holds an advanced training course (long-term) in Tourism. At the moment, she is Assistant Professor in University Portucalense (Porto – Portugal). She has published articles in scientific national and international journals and she has also participated in different research projects developed in the University of Aveiro. Her main interest areas of research are Sustainable Tourism, Tourism and Environment, Integrated Coastal Zones Management, Geographic Information Systems applied to tourism and Wellness Tourism. She is member of the research Unit on Competitiveness, Governance and Public Policies (GOVCOPP) and of the Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM) of the University of Aveiro, and of the Research on Economics, management and Information Technologies (REMIT).

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