Kenneth Barlee



I am a PhD candidate student studying in the Software Defined Radio (SDR) Research Laboratory of the Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Strathclyde. I previously graduated from the university in June 2014 with a First Class BEng EEE Degree. My current work is focusing on the development of HDL compatible Filter Bank Multicarrier (FBMC) based SDR radio transceivers for use in secondary user Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) applications. Focusing on the PHY, the aim is that these radios will be able to identify empty spectral bands, cognitively decide which are most suitable for use, and then use dynamic non-contiguous modulation in order to establish communications channels in them. I am developing these transceivers from within MATLAB and Simulink, which means they can ultimately be deployed with the tools to ZynqSDR devices (Xilinx Zynq based FPGA/ARM SoC dev board + Analog Devices SDR front end) or used in conjunction with USRP radios. I am one of the authors of a 670 page 12 chapter textbook: Software Defined Radio using MATLAB & Simulink and the RTL-SDR. This spawned from my final year undergraduate project (discussed below). Beginning by covering the theory behind a variety of transmitters and receivers for both analogue and digital communications systems, our textbook progresses onto their practical implementation in the MathWorks software. Novel communications systems are presented, such as one capable of transmitting and receiving greyscale images using cheap FM transmitters and an RTL-SDR, which are inkeeping with the ‘low cost’ ethos of the project. You can find more information about this project (and get your free book download!) at this link: LinkedIn: Strathclyde Personal Profile:

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