Lúcia Amante



Lúcia Amante, has a degree in Educational Psychology at the Higher Institute of Applied Psychology (ISPA - Lisbon); a postgraduate degree in Multimedia Educational Communication and, since 2004, a Ph.D. in Education from the Open University of Portugal (UAb). She is a member of the Department of Education and Distance Learning; At the moment she coordinates the Master's Degree in Multimedia Educational Communication. She has integrated Teacher training programs, directing seminars on educational use of digital technologies in schools and on models of learning assessment. In the master degrees (e-learning courses), she teaches different subjects, namely Digital Media and Socialization, Assessment in E-learning Contexts and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Educational Contexts, at the UAb Ph.D program in Education and Distance Learning. She develops her research activities at the Distance Education and E-learning Laboratory in the Portuguese Open University; Her interests mainly focus on research in distance education, particularly in the pedagogy of online education and in educational psychology connected with the use of digital technologies in schools and other contexts. Also, she is interested in the new forms of socialization and identity construction of children and young people, emerging in a networked society. She joined the team responsible for the Universidade Aberta’s Pedagogical Model for Distance Education; she has been a consultant on the project “Metas de Aprendizagem na Área das TIC” ("Learning Goals"), promoted by the Education government Department (http://www.metasdeaprendizagem.min-edu.pt/sobre-o-projecto/apresentacao/). Currently collaborates with the project “Schooools” – a social platform for online education, where students, parents and teachers can learn and collaborate on creative projects. (http://escolinhas.pt/home).

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