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Zuidmeer (2014-07-20)

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Food allergy, immunotherapy, allergen characterization, serology, recombinant allergens

Zuidmeer (2013-03-12)


After studying molecular biology at the university of Leiden, I completed my PhD thesis also in Leiden in the area of plant virology. I changed my area of expertise when starting my first postdoctoral position in the group of professor van Ree at Sanquin in Amsterdam, where I worked on food allergy. First within the EU-SAFE project and later in the next European projects, EuroPrevall and now FAST, I gained knowledge on many aspects of food allergy. Molecular and biochemical characterization, serology, epidemiological aspects, immunotherapy, mouse models and toxicological aspects. Currently I still hold a position as a postdoc in Prof van Ree's group, but we have relocated to the Academic medical center in Amsterdam
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