Mathias Nilsson

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Manchester NMR Methodology Group

Mathias Nilsson (2014-07-23)

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Mathias Nilsson is at present Reader in Physical Chemistry at the University of Manchester. He completed his PhD at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in 1999 and has also worked at the Universities of Copenhagen, Aveiro and Western Sydney. In 2007 He was awarded an EPSRC Advances Research Fellowship and in 2010 the BRSG/NMRDG award for Excellent Contribution to Magnetic Resonance by an early career researcher. Mathias and Prof. Gareth Morris jointly supervise the NMR methodology group at the School of Chemistry. Here the research concerns the development of novel techniques in high resolution NMR spectroscopy, and their application to problems in chemistry, biochemistry, and medicine. Particular interests include diffusion-ordered spectroscopy (DOSY), and pure shift NMR methods. We have a general policy to make software freely available to the community, downloadable from their home pages. Mathias is the author and maintainer of the free and open source software package ‘The DOSY Toolbox” for processing of DOSY (and other) NMR data. The package is in use in more than 60 countries in both academia and industry.

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