russell gurbutt



I was a Royal Navy Artificer from 1977 and gained the Best all round Apprentice Award. Following that I was promoted to BRNC Dartmouth where I subsequently became the Senior Sub Lieutenant (General list Executive Branch) . I was awarded a ceremonial sword following graduation from BRNC Dartmouth. Service experience included the Hong Kong Squadron (patrols intercepting illegal immigrants and drug smugglers), the Armilla Patrol (Arabian Gulf), as well Middle, Far East (China Sea) and African deployments. During 1982 I served on a Frigate in the Falkland war as a watch-keeping Officer and navigator. War experience included convoy escort, naval gunfire support (bombardments) and battle group screen defence. I was awarded the South Atlantic Medal with rosette. The experience of the RN provided leadership and management development across a range of scenarios. Having left the Royal Navy (1982) I had involvement with managing a business in Colorado USA (retail and IT sector) prior to a year spent undertaking pastoral education in the UK. I entered service in the NHS in mental health, subsequently qualified as a General Nurse (1988- Distinction) and undertook a series of staffing posts. Promotion to Ward manager followed and I managed a series of clinical services (Acute Medicine, Stroke care, Elderly medicine, day surgery, outpatient services) including the commissioning of departments in a new hospital. That rich period of professional practice subsequently provided the background for texts about management as well as extending the breadth of management and leadership experience. Higher Education work (since1997) included course leadership, PhD studies (decision making) and post doctoral work in Canada (2006 /2013). I hold a teaching fellowship (Leeds uni), and also work with the OU. I operated a healthcare consultancy (Scottish Charities) and also worked as a Quality and Development Manager for a national charity. I an a Senior Fellow of the HEA and continue to be involved in management, leadership and e-learning.

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