Jeroen C.J.M.



Jeroen van den Bergh is ICREA Research Professor at the Institute of Environmental Science & Technology of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. In addition, he is honory professor of Environmental and Resource Economics in the Faculty of Economics & Business Administration and the Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University Amsterdam. Previously, he was professor of Environmental Economics (1997-2007) and Professor of ´Nature, Water and Space´ (2002-2007) at VU University Amsterdam, and Member of the Energy Council of the Netherlands (2003-2007). He obtained a Masters in Econometrics & Operations Research from Tilburg University and a PhD in Economics from VU University Amsterdam. He has more than 190 journal publications and (co-)authored/edited 16 books. He was awarded the Royal Shell Prize 2002 and the IEC Premi (Sant Jordi) de Medi Ambient 2011. He is editor-in-chief of the Elsevier journal "Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions".

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