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Luca Vattuone

Surface science, electron energy loss spectroscopy, molecular beams, microcalorimetry, plasmonic


2013-2019 National Scientific Habilitation for Full Professorship (02/B1) 2012- present: Associate professor of condensed matter physics, University of Genova (Unige) 1999-2012 Staff Researcher at Unige 1999: Physicist at Istituto Idrografico della Marina 1996-1999 Post-doctoral research associate at Unige 1995 Post-doctoral research associate at the University of Cambridge (group of Prof. D.A. King) 1991-1994 PhD in Physics at Unige 1990: Degree in Physics (110/110 cum laude) at Unige Main research activities: Investigation of gas surface interaction by High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy and Supersonic Molecular beams, Single Crystal Calorimetry, Discover of the Acoustic Surface Plasmon and measurement of its dispersion, Self Assembling of aminoacids at surfaces, Stereodynamics of adsorption, Growth and chemical properties of ultrathin oxide films and graphene, Montecarlo modelling of adsorption at surfaces. L.V. has given 13 invited talks at national and international conferences. He published more than 100 papers (among which 1 Nature, 1 Nature Communication, 3 Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., 8 PRL, 2 JACS, 1 Surf. Sci. Rep., 1 Prog. Surf. Sci.) and co-authored a scientific book on Montecarlo Methods. Presently (July 2015) his h-index is 26 (ISI website) and his papers have received more than 2200 citations. Publication list available at: Member of the Editorial Board of ISRN Physical Chemistry and International Scholarly Research Notices for Physical Chemistry. L.V. serves as a referee for several journals, including Angewandte Chemie, PRL, PRB and J Phys. Chem C. L.V. coordinated a PURS project of INFM, a British Council-CRUI project and was Local Coordinator of a PRIN. L.V. has co-directed the 40th (VAS12, 2007) and the 44th (Dynamical Phenomena in low Dim Systems, 2008) Workshops at Centro Ettore Majorana in Erice. He Guest Edited the Proceedings of ECOSS 26 and of ICSFS 16. His teaching activity is presently devoted to the Engineering and Material Science courses as well as to the PHD School of Chemistry in Genoa University. He has taught General Physics, Solid State Physics, and Surface Science. He is presently Secretary of CCS in Scienza dei Materiali, member of the PHD teaching board in Physics and of the Teaching Commission of DIFI.
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