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Luca Vattuone

Surface science, electron energy loss spectroscopy, molecular beams, microcalorimetry, plasmonic


After graduating with honour in Physics in Genoa University (1990) he got a Ph. D. in Physics (1994) working on the sticking probability of O2 on Ag(110) employing a molecular beam and the EEL spectrometer designed for his degree. In 1995 he worked as Post-Doc in the group of Prof. D.A. King in the University of Cambridge (UK) and he performed microcalorimetric measurements of the heat of adsorption of several gases on Ni, Pt and Pd surfaces. From 1996 to 1999 he has been a University and INFM Post Doc in Genoa, working on several subjects including collision induced processes at surfaces and the physisorption of ethylene on Ag. In 1999 he was appointed as University Researcher in Genoa. On August 1st, 2012 he has been appointed as Associate Professor of Condensed Matter Physics in the University of Genova. In November 2013 he has got the National Scientific Habilitation for Full Professorship in Experimental Physics of Matter (02/B1). He has many communications to national and international conferences and workshops (10 as invited speaker). He has published more than 100 papers (among which: 1 Nature, 1 Nature Comm., 3 Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., 6 Physical Review Letters, 1 Surface Science Report). His h-index is presently 24 (June 2013). He is member of the Editorial board of ISRN Physical Chemistry and referee for the following journals: Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B, Journal of Chemical physics, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, ChemPhysChem, Catalysis Letters,Chemical Physics Letters, Surface Science. He coordinated an INFM PURS project, a joint British-Council CRUI project and is Responsible of a local unity in the frame of PRIN 2008. His latest research interest include adsorption of molecules at surfaces with well defined defects, adsorption of aligned molecules and the discovery of the acoustic surface plasmon on metal surfaces. He has codirected the 40 and 44th Event of the International School of Solid State Physics at the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific culture (Erice) and has been member of the Organising committee of Ecoss 26 and presently of ICSFS16 (2012) and Guest Editor of the correspondings Proceedings. His teaching activity is presently devoted to the Engineering and Material Science courses as well as to the PHD School of Chemistry in Genoa University. He has taught General Physics, Solid State Physics, and Surface Science. He is presently Secretary of CCS in Scienza dei Materiali, member of the PHD teaching board in Physics and of the Teaching Commission of DIFI.
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