Hugh Trenchard

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Hugh Trenchard (2017-03-08)

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Lessons from the Peloton

Hugh Trenchard (2017-05-17)

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Generally I am interested in complex systems and collective behavior. More specifically, my contribution involves the identification of self-organizing principles that drive the dynamics of peloton behavior. Pelotons are groups of cyclists coupled predominantly by the energy saving mechanism of drafting. Basic physical and physiological dynamic coupling principles that drive collective peloton behavior appear to be universal among heterogeneous agents in which there is an energy saving mechanism. My experiences as a competitive cyclist, runner, and duathlete, coupled with a natural scientific curiosity and interest in collective patterns, have been foundational to my independent research. My research aim is to identify where the principles that drive the self-organized dynamics of pelotons are found in other biological systems, and to identify the evolutionary implications of these principles.
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