Idowu Ayoola

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Idowu Ayoola (2017-12-06)


Idowu Ayoola started his study in Industrial Design, in 2004 at FUTA, Nigeria. He later moved to TU/e in 2008 to complete his studies in the area of intelligent products & systems and became a member of the honours program. After graduating in 2012 from his Masters at Industrial Design on the “Design of a Camera Based Respiration System - Exploring the Reflective Design Concept” within Philips Research, he started his PhD in “developing a system for cardiovascular homecare based on behavioural interventions.” Along with his research, he acted as a visiting researcher at SIAT, Shenzhen, China. His work has inspired a major project funded by the European Commission, the “Do CHANGE” project, which involves eleven international companies and institutions across Europe and Asia. Idowu co-founded Onmi BV to perform activities that evolve from the Do CHANGE project, focusing on the development of tools, services and the eco-system for behavioural healthcare. In general, Idowu is fascinated by technology in everyday things and their social context.

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