Alberto Sanfeliu



Alberto Sanfeliu received the BSEE and PhD degrees from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain, in 1978 and 1982 respectively. He joined the faculty of UPC in 1981 and is full professor of Computational Sciences and Artificial Intelligence. He is director of the Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial, UPC-CSIC, director of the Artificial Vision and Intelligent System Group (VIS), former director of the UPC’s Automatic Control department and past president of AERFAI, (Spanish Association for Pattern Recognition). He has worked on various theoretical aspects on pattern recognition, computer vision and robotics and on applications on vision defect detection, tracking, object recognition, robot vision, SLAM, robot navigation and urban robots. He has several patents on quality control based on computer vision. He has authored books in pattern recognition and SLAM, and published more than 260 papers in international and national journals and conferences. He has lead and participated in 37 R&D projects, 13 of them funded by the European Commission, and he has been the coordinator of the European project URUS (Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban Areas). He is (or has been) member of editorial boards of several top scientific journals in computer vision and pattern recognition. He received the prize to the Technology given by the Generalitat de Catalonia and is Fellow of the International Association for Pattern Recognition.

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