Edward K.L. Chan



Dr. Chan has lifelong interests in human autoantibodies during his postdoctoral training at the Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla. His lab has been highly successful in using autoimmune antibodies to identify and clone a number of interesting self-antigens. These include SS-B/La; Ro52/TRIM21; the ribosomal RNA transcription factor NOR90/hUBF; p80-coilin of the Cajal body; coiled-coil-rich Golgi proteins known as golgins; and GW182, a marker for cytoplasmic foci GW bodies. A new area is the identification of novel rod/ring structures, that are targets of autoantibodies in patients with hepatitis C infection and undergone interferon/ribavirin therapy. These structures are observed in conditions requiring increased GTP/CTP biosynthesis in all mammalian cells examined to date. Since 1999, he has served on the Autoantibody Standardization Committee and currently serving as Chairman (2015-2018). He also serves as coordinator for the International Consensus on Antinuclear antibody Patterns (ICAP) initiative together with Luis E. C. Andrade since 2014. His lab is currently active on microRNA research in innate immunity, autoimmune diseases, and oral cancer.

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