Ângela Espinha



Ângela Espinha is a PhD Student in Education and holds a doctoral fellowship by the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). She holds a Master’s degree in Activation of the Psychological Development (2008) and in Teaching English and Spanish in the Basic and Secondary Education (2015). She holds a Degree in Teaching English and German (2005) and in Modern Languages and Literature – English and Spanish (2011). She is a member of the Research Center Didactics and Technology in the Education of Trainers (CIDTFF). She is part of the team of an international project EVAL-IC: Evaluation de compétences en intercompréhension: réception et interactions plurilingües. She has participated and collaborated in research projects and in the organization of scientific events, from which IALIC 2014 (International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication) and the international Autumn School SCoRE'17 - "Science Communication for Researchers in Education: how to do it successfully" are worth highlighting.

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