Glenda Delenstarr



PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Product analysis/development driven by three passions: • Customer focused: I have absolute joy in improving products and programs, either in the design, such as the customer software user-interface, or in back-end algorithms to deliver accurate and accessible results. • Data driven: Examining data with focus and intuition, to produce clear, actionable reports and directions for further product and algorithm development. • Team oriented: Collaborating with scientists, software developers, communications and other departments to generate a unique synergy and produce results that none of us could do alone. KEY COMPETENCIES • Data analysis: detecting trends, outlier issues, and trouble-shooting problems in data. • Algorithm development: processing data to develop algorithms to correct for outliers, background, and spatial issues; model error modes; normalize; and develop Quality Control (QC) metrics and thresholds. • Systems integration: working at the interface between scientists, engineers, and software developers to design, implement, and test software. • Immuno-assay and chemical assay development: inventing and preparing manufacturable systems of reagents, instrumentation, and software, with emphasis on optimizing reproducibility, accuracy, and signal-to-noise. • Experimental design: (Taguchi method) leading to robust products, with exceptional signal-to-noise performance. • Technical writing: patents, peer-reviewed publications, manuals, and marketing collateral. • Training: for the internal and external field support teams and for customers. • Software tools: Access queries, Spotfire data visualization, Excel, PVCS Tracker and other software code and defect management systems.

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