Vladimir I. Tiverovsky



I graduated from Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers named after Vladimir N. Obraztsov, academican of Soviet Union Academy of Sciences in 1955 with a degree of Engineer (Industrial transport). Then I worked on Chelybinsk Metallurgical Plant on the position of Head of Railways Departament up to 1960. After that I started to work in Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plants Projecting Institute on the position of Head engineer. Then by the Order of Ferrous Metallurgy Minister (1967) I was assigned to the Government Metallurgical Plants Projecting Institute (Moscow) to the position of Head technologist of General Layout and Transport section: I worked there up to 1994. While working there I defended a dissertation for the degree of Ph.D. (Tech.) in 1977 (on base of my alma-mater). Then I were the deputy director general in Melallurgtrans, CJSC. Once, in 1996 by recomendation of Semyon M. Rezer Doctor (Tech.), Prof. I was assigned to the position of Head of Science Sector of Informatics on Transport in VINITI of RAS. I am working here up to the present. I'm also a scientific editor of "Transport: science, technics, management" (Scientific pereodical of VINITI of RAS). I have 187 scientific efforts. 96 from that were written in SU, and 91 - in RU. I also have one monograph, one information research and two textbooks for higher education institutes students.

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