Bruno Silva-Santos

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Immunology - Tumor immunology - T cells

Bruno Silva-Santos (2013-11-29)

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Bruno Silva-Santos is professor of Immunology at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon (Portugal), and vice-Director and group leader at the associated Instituto de Medicina Molecular - João Lobo Antunes (iMM-JLA). He developed his PhD work on thymic T cell development under the supervision of Mike Owen at The London Research Institute (Cancer Research UK), and his post-doctoral work on gamma-delta T cell differentiation and activation with Adrian Hayday at King’s College London. As an independent group leader, he has focused on dissecting the molecular mechanisms that control the development and functional differentiation of T cell subsets; and their activation and cellular responses to infections and tumours. His translational efforts in cancer immunotherapy led him to co-found the biotech company, Lymphact S.A. He has been distinguished with nominations, awards and grants from the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), the European Research Council (ERC), the International Cytokine Society (ICS) and the European Academy of Tumour Immunology (EATI). He has made >100 international presentations of his work (in conferences or institutions) and he has published circa 70 papers in top peer-reviewed international journals, including Science, Nature, Nature Immunology, J Exp Med, Leukemia, Blood and PNAS. He serves as Vice-Director of iMM-JLA since 2014.

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