Sedona Sweeney

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Sedona Sweeney (2016-01-24)

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I joined the Social and Mathematical Epidemiology Group at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in February 2011, after completing an MSc in Health Planning, Policy and Financing at the LSHTM and LSE. Before I joined the school, I worked with various NGOs and local governmental health boards in Tanzania, Atlanta and Arizona. My primary research interests are in the poverty impact of illness and household expenditure on health care. I'm particularly interested in the dynamics of poverty and the ability of households to cope with health shocks over time. In addition, I am currently involved in the economic evaluation on a number of projects across the school. These include: - the Integra Initiative: an analysis of integrated HIV and sexual and reproductive health services in Kenya and Swaziland the Health Systems Chronic Disease project: a project aiming to improve the health systems response to chronic disease in Uganda and Tanzania - a project assessing the impact and cost-effectiveness of needle/syringe provision on hepatitis C transmission among people who inject drugs in the UK - the MERGE project: evaluating a model of scaling-up integrated TB and HIV services in South Africa

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