Guido Germano



Guido Germano is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering Sciences, University College London; Programme Director and Admissions Tutor of the UCL MSc Computational Finance; and Research Associate of the LSE/UCL Systemic Risk Centre. He has studied at the University of Pisa obtaining a laurea in 1994 (with research for his thesis done at MPIP Mainz in 1993-1994) and a PhD on quantum/classical molecular simulation in 1998 (with stints at the University of Bonn, 1994-1995, and the University of California at San Francisco, 1996). He has been a postdoctoral research assistant in theoretical soft condensed matter physics at the University of Bristol (1998-2000) and at the University of Bielefeld (2000-2002). From 2002 until he joined UCL in 2013 he has led a research group in computer simulation in theoretical/physical chemistry at the University of Marburg as a Hochschuldozent until 2007, then as a junior professor, and as an interim associate professor in 2009. He has also been a research fellow at the Department of Economic Sciences and Quantitative Methods of the Università del Piemonte Orientale in Novara (2009-2012) and at Scuola Normale Superiore Pisa (1998 and 2012-2013).

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