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Keywords: Marine Ecology, Ecosystem, Fish, Octopus, Tropical Atlantic, Fisheries, Management, Indicator, EAF, EAMME


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Dr. Didier Jouffre is a senior scientist working on fisheries and marine biology at the IRD – Institut de Recherches pour le Développement, a French research institute working in cooperation with developing countries - since 1991. For IRD, he took an active part in various scientific programmes dealing with marine resources in West Africa, in collaboration with local scientific institutions. He worked for several years within the research institutes of Mauritania (IMROP, 1993-1996), and Senegal (CRODT, 1996-2000) and also made several missions to other institutes of this region, for several regional projects supported by EU. Presently based in the ECOSYM laboratory at the University of Montpellier (www.ecosym.univ-montp2.fr), Dr Jouffre current research is dealing with multi-specific and ecosystem indicators applied to fisheries and to coastal ecosystem assessment, with a particular attention paid to the implementation of practical tools for an EAF approach for developing countries