Joao Paulo Meixedo

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Meixedo, JP

Joao Paulo Meixedo (2013-12-11)

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Joao Paulo Meixedo (2016-01-24)


João Paulo Meixedo is a Professor of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering at the School of Engineering (ISEP) of Polytechnic of Porto, and Vice-Director of the Master Course. He is a researcher of CIGAR - Research Center for Geo-Environment and Resources, founder of LEMA – Laboratory of Mathematical Engineering and invited researcher at LABCARGA – Laboratory of Cartography and Applied Geology. He is Technical Director of the Soil Mechanics Laboratory at LGMC|ISEP. His research interests are: Mining and Geotechnical Exploration, Rock Geotechnics, Soil Mechanics, Geostatistics, Mining Archeology, Geoheritage, and the History of Science. Member of the Ordem dos Engenheiros (Competent Authority for Engineers in Portugal). President of FORESP - Associação para a Formação e Especialização Tecnológica (Association for Technological Training and Specialization). He is a long distance runner.

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