William Wisden



Prof. William Wisden, Biographical Details: 1986 BA, Zoology - Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge; 1989 PhD Molecular Neuroscience; 1990-1992 EMBO Long-term Fellowship, University of Heidelberg, Germany; 1993-2001 Group Leader, MRC LMB, Cambridge; 2001-2005 Group Leader, IZN, University of Heidelberg, Germany; 2005-2009 Professor & Chair of Neuroscience, Head of Neurobiology programme, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen; 2009- Chair of Molecular Neuroscience, Dept of Life Sciences, Imperial College London. Elected to a Fellowship of the Royal Society of Biology, FRSB (2012) Elected to a Fellowship of the Academy of Medical Sciences, FMedSci (2014) Speciality/discipline: neurobiology Principal research question: establishing neural circuitry involved in sleep Principal research technique: mouse genetics

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