Adam de Paor-Evans

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ethnomusicology, cultural theory, hip hop studies, graffiti, rap culture, hip hop culture

Adam de Paor-Evans (2015-11-25)

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Adam de Paor-Evans (2018-08-17)


Adam de Paor-Evans is a practising hip hop artist and a hip hop scholar and cultural theorist at University of Central Lancashire, UK. His research is focused on the relationship of broader societal phenomena with hip hop culture, and he has contributed chapters on the subject to edited collections Consuming Architecture (2014), Sounds Northern (2018) and Rurality Re-imagined: Villagers, Farmers, Wanderers and Wild Things (2018). He is also author of the book British Hip Hop From The Provincial Perspective (2019). He runs Hip Hop Hub UK, a practice and academic-based research collective and is a member of UCLan Music Research Group and the European Hip Hop Studies Network.

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