Emilio Bucio

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Radiation-grafting, smart polymers, drug delivery

Emilio Bucio (2013-07-18)

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Doctor of Sciences of the National University of Mexico, he graduated in Chemical physics at Chemist Faculty UNAM in 1999. Since that time he is working in the Nuclear Science Institute UNAM. 1995 – Present: National University of Mexico. Professor, Department of Chemist physics (1995 to 2012). Researcher, Department of Radiation Chemistry (2000 to present). Research areas His field of expertise is radiation chemistry, fluorinated polymers, and synthesis of smart polymers. Recently his research team is working on the sensitivity copolymers for drug delivery. Publications & Presentations Seventeen chapters in books, Seventy four journal publications, Two books, Two hundred nine oral papers, invited, lectures, poster presentation and short. courses Thesis direction twenty nine (Bs, Ms, and Ph D) Awards and Honors, LAS/ANS award for best publication of the year in 2010 by Nuclear American Society Latinoamerican Section, International Articles.
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