Sergio Bertazzo



I joined the Department of Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering after a Junior Research Fellowship at Imperial College London, a postdoctoral stay in Germany and another in Brazil. I have been working for long time now with different electron microscopes and developed several new methods to prepare and image cells and, more particularly, calcified tissues. My research has so far been able to physicochemically describe how hydroxyapatite (i.e. the calcium phosphate that forms bone and teeth) behaves in biological fluids; determine the nature of the mineral present in cardiovascular calcification (e.g. in atherosclerosis, aortic valve stenosis and rheumatic fever); correlate different kinds of microscopy; and, finally, identify the possibility of preservation of organic materials in fossils that were not exceptionally preserved. My research interests are broadly related to the formation, behaviour and nature of biominerals (mainly calcium phosphates) in different biological contexts.

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