The research community — researchers, research institutions, libraries and repositories, professional associations, funding organizations, publishers, and vendors providing services to each of those sectors — all struggle with name ambiguity. It affects attribution, discoverability, and integrity in scholarly communications. ORCID is a not-for-profit organization created to address this challenge. We provide a persistent registry of unique digital person identifiers for researchers and tools to embed these identifiers in research systems and processes. Consistent with our principles, participation in ORCID is open to any organization in the research community and access for individual researchers is free.

ORCID is committed to working collaboratively with the community to solve the name ambiguity problem. We engage researchers and organizations in our mission. Researchers need to register and use ORCID identifiers when communicating who they are. The organizations researchers interact with need to collect and embed identifiers in research activity processes and systems such as grant application, manuscript submission and review, research data repositories, researcher profile platforms. ORCID provides tools (APIs) and protocols (OAuth) to ensure the integrity of the ORCID identifier. We strongly urge the community to use these resources and eliminate any interfaces that request users to type in or search for an ORCID iD.

ORCID features available to non-members for no charge:

ORCID Member/Subscriber Benefits

ORCID is funded through organizational membership and subscription fees. Members receive access to the Member API, personalized technical support, integrated application user acceptance testing, a monthly newsletter, and invitations to public events hosted by ORCID. In addition, members also may enter nominations for service on the ORCID Board. We thank our members for committing to the ORCID mission and their help sustaining ORCID for the benefit of the research and scholarly community.

We provide a flexible membership model. Please review the category and benefits descriptions below for the one that best fits your circumstances. If you have questions, please contact

Member/Subscriber Categories

ORCID offers two membership/subscription categories for organizations: basic and premium.

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Member Category Help me choose
Basic Best for:
  • Organizations planning limited, single-system ORCID implementations
  • Organizations with limited data needs
  • Organizations that will interact with a relatively small number of researchers per month
Premium Best for:
  • Organizations that will be integrating ORCID iDs in multiple systems
  • Organizations that will be using ORCID iDs in vendor-hosted systems and separate internal systems
  • Organizations that have high data needs, or require frequent data dumps
  • Organizations interested in analytics of the interactions between their systems and ORCID
  • Organizations that will interact with a relatively large number of researchers per month
  • Organizations interested in enabling data synchronization between ORCID data and their own
Premium Consortium Best for:
  • Groups of organizations interested in a coordinated approach to ORCID implementation
  • Groups of organizations interested in customized orientations, workshops, and follow-up with the ORCID staff to support integration efforts
License Types
License Benefit Help me choose
Trusted Party Organization can deposit, edit, and update Record Data and/or read Limited Access Data, with permission from an individual ORCID iD holder. Many employers are using the Trusted Party license to facilitate the creation of ORCID records for their faculty and staff. Members have found this license to be in agreement with national data transfer regulations.
Creator Employers can bulk-create ORCID records for claim by their faculty, students, or staff. Upon claim, individuals assume management of their record and may re-set privacy and delegation settings. Creator agreements require the member to make representations and warranties regarding consent of the individual for whom a record is created and to agree to indemnity provisions.
Agreement Types
Agreement Audience Additional information
Standard For a single legal entity Access to the Member API will be provided to the signing organization.
Consortium For a group of 5 or more organizations Requires a lead organization to take responsibility for recruitment of consortium participants, invoicing, notices, and basic (Tier 1) technical support. Consortium participants each are listed in the agreement and provided access to the Member API. Consortium agreements may be with (a) legally related participants (such as a university system), in which case the lead will indicate that it has the authority to legally bind all participants; or (b) with legally unrelated participants, in which case each participant signs an accession agreement. In all cases, consortium members must all be based in the same country.

ORCID Member/Subscriber Fees

Member fees are listed in the table below. Non-profit organizations are eligible for a 20% member fee discount. In addition, to encourage small and start-up organizations to embed iDs, organizations with less than US$200,000 in revenue in their last fiscal year are eligible for a 75% discount on annual membership. Discounts will be evaluated at each membership renewal.

License/Agreement Type Annual Member Fee
Standard US$ 5,000
Consortium 10% discount for groups > 5
Premium - Standard
Small organizations
(< US$ 200M in annual revenue or grants)
US$ 10,000
Large organizations
(> US$ 200M in annual revenue or grants)
US$ 25,000
Premium – Consortium (Trusted Party only)
5-9 members US$ 6,000 per member
10-19 members US$ 5,000 per member
20-29 members US$ 4,000 per member
30-99 members US$ 135,000 per consortium
100-250 members US$ 200,000 per consortium

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