ORCID is an international, interdisciplinary, open, not-for-profit organization created for the benefit of all stakeholders, including researchers, research institutions, funding organizations, and publishers. Consistent with our principles, participation in ORCID is open to any organization in the research community and access for individual researchers is free.  

The success of ORCID depends on people and organizations throughout the research community using the Registry and embedding ORCID identifiers in external workflows and systems including grant applications, manuscript submission and researcher employer systems.  ORCID is committed to working collaboratively with the community to achieve this vision. To support this goal, we provide public access to a Search API and an Authentication API, so that the community may search public Registry data or exchange ORCID iDs using APIs.  We strongly urge the community to use these APIs and eliminate any interfaces that request users to type in an ORCID iD.

ORCID features available to non-members for no charge:

ORCID Member/Subscriber Benefits

In addition to these public services, ORCID provides specific member benefits including Member APIs that support the ability to read/write data in existing ORCID records and to generate new ORCID records for individuals at member organizations. We thank our members for committing to the ORCID mission and their help sustaining ORCID for the benefit of the research and scholarly community.

Membership/subscriptions are for those organizations that wish to:

  • Send data, such as publication, dataset, or grant metadata, to ORCID records
  • Read limited access information, as permitted by users, from an ORCID record
  • Integrate a search and link wizard to enable researchers to connect to their works
  • Link ORCID identifiers to other IDs and registry systems
  • Create ORCID records on behalf of employees or affiliates
  • Validate information in ORCID records
  • Access technical support in their use of the ORCID Registry
  • Be eligible to serve on the ORCID Board
  • Support the mission of ORCID and maintenance of the Registry

Member/Subscriber Types

Our goal is to provide organizations the flexibility needed to become members and implement ORCID iDs in local systems. There are two license types, three categories of benefits, and three types of agreements. See the decision tree figure and descriptions below. 


Types of Members: 
  • Trusted Party Licenses allow members to deposit and edit Record Data and/or read Limited Access Data, with permission from an individual ORCID iD holder.
  • Creator Licenses allow members to create ORCID records and deposit data into ORCID on behalf of employees and students.  Creators may serve as Trusted Parties or delegated managers for the records they create.  Upon claiming their created record, individuals may re-set privacy and delegation settings.
Types of Agreements: 
  • Standard Agreement:  One organization signs a member agreement. The organization may list legally associated organizations (e.g., subsidiaries or parent organizations) in the agreement, provided the signing entity has authority to bind the listed entities or takes responsibility for their actions.  Access to the Member API will be provided to signing organization. 
  • Consortium Agreement: One lead member organizes recruitment of consortium participants and technical support. Consortium participants are listed in the lead agreement, and each consortium participant is provided access to the Member API.  Consortium agreements may be with  (a) legally related participants (such as a university system), in which case the lead will indicate that it has the authority to legally bind all participants; or (b) with legally unrelated participants, in which case each participant signs a liability addendum, and it is the responsibility of the consortium leader to obtain the signatures.  Payment is per participant, and multiple categories are allowed within the consortium. Consortia of 5 or more members are eligible for a 10% member fee discount.
  • National Agreement: One lead member organizes recruitment of participants and technical support. Participants are listed in the lead agreement, and each is provided access to the Member API.  National agreements may be with any number of individual non-profit universities; government institutions; or other non-profit research-conducting organizations.  ORCID offers an entry-level national membership for 10 organizations and a country-wide agreement for an unlimited number of organizations.

Member/Subscriber Privileges and Fees

ORCID offers two membership/subscription categories for organizations: basic and premium.  These categories apply to both Creator and Trusted Party Licenses and to Standard, Consortium and National Agreements.   We provide a 20% discount on the member fee for non-profit organizations.  In addition, to encourage small and start-up organizations to embed iDs, organizations with less than $200,000 in revenue in their last fiscal year are eligible for a 75% discount on annual membership. This discount will be evaluated at each membership renewal. 

Basic Membership (US$5,000 per year):
  • Basic member organizations are provided access to the Member API, which supports authentication and authorization following the OAuth 2 standard
  • You may opt for either a Trusted Party or Creator License.
  • You receive support for one set of client credentials, e-mail support for API usage and general questions, one webinar-style orientation meeting to help the member get started, integrated application user acceptance testing in preparation for launches and releases up to four times per year, and invitations to public events hosted by ORCID
  • You may access a biannual data file of ORCID public data
  • You may enter nominations for the ORCID Board
Premium Membership (US$10,000 per year for organizations with less than US$200M in revenue or research funding; US$25,000 for larger organizations):
  • Premium member organizations receive all of the benefits of Basic membership, plus:
  • You have access to automated update services (web-hooks) for synchronizing between ORCID record data and your data system
  • You are allowed more API requests per day
  • You receive support for up to five sets of client credentials, priority queue for help desk requests, up to two webinar-style support calls per month to aid in integration, and user acceptance testing for an unlimited number of launches/releases per year
  • You receive monthly data files of ORCID public data and explicitly shared limited access data
  • You receive custom reports detailing site traffic, registrations, and visit duration for visitors referred from your integration site

Become an ORCID Member Today!

Please click on Request Membership below to contact ORCID for more information. Indicate in the comments box your license type (Trusted Party or Creator), agreement type (standard, consortia, or national), and membership category (Basic, Premium, Premium-Large).

Please click on Request Membership below to contact ORCID for more information. Indicate in the comments box your member type (standard, consortia, or service provider) and your desired membership category: Basic, Premium, Premium-Large, and if you are interested in the Early Adopter option.

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