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  • Blog | KoreaMed now provides ORCID Search & Link Wizard!

    2017-18-01 00:00

    We are delighted to announce that KoreaMed, a service of the Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors (KAMJE), now allows researchers to search, select, and link KoreaMed articles directly from the ORCID interface to their ORCID record.

  • Blog | 2016: The Year in Review

    2016-29-12 00:00

    2016 was a busy and productive year for ORCID - check out what we've been up to in this end-of-year roundup!

  • Blog | Season's greetings!

    2016-22-12 19:53

    Season's greetings from everyone at ORCID!

  • Blog | ORCID Board Election Results

    2016-17-12 12:00

    We announce our newly elected ORCID Board members and thank our outgoing Board members for their service.

  • Blog | Three Major Publishers Sign the ORCID Open Letter

    2016-29-11 15:55

    In January 2016, eight publishers signed an open letter committing their organizations to requiring ORCID iDs for journal authors. Importantly, they also committed to adopting our best practices when implementing this requirement, to ensure that it would benefit their authors, their organizations, and the wider scholarly community. This includes collecting validated ORCID iDs to ensure the correct iD is associated with the author, displaying iDs in articles to signal support for ORCID, and including ORCID iDs with the metadata sent to Crossref to support auto-update of authors’ ORCID records when their article publishes. On November 28, their efforts received a significant boost when the American Chemical Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry, and Wiley signed the letter.

  • Blog | If I Throw You an ORCID, Will You Catch It?

    2016-23-11 00:00

    PIDapalooza, November 9-10, Reykjavik, Iceland: the weather outside may have been frightful, but the vibe was quite delightful! Find out more in this summary of the key themes and topics of the meeting - official and unofficial - and take a look at the presentations, which are being made available on Figshare.

  • Blog | All About #ORCID16DC

    2016-14-11 00:00

    Whether or not you attended our most recent Outreach Meeting in Washington, DC you can read all about it here, including links to all available slides, videos, and more!

  • Blog | Another year for ORCID, another Public Data File for the Community.

    2016-02-11 00:00

    As an organization that is committed to openness (yes, the O in ORCID is for open), we are delighted to celebrate Open Access Week 2016 - and our 4th anniversary - by publishing our annual public data file.

  • Blog | Organization identifier project: A way forward

    2016-31-10 14:59

    It is a natural fit for ORCID to be involved in conversations about organization identifiers.  We are a major stakeholder in this space.  Working jointly with Crossref and DataCite, we have developed a set of working papers and now call for a Working Group to move an effort forward to stand up a community-based organization identifier registry.  These papers will be open for feedback until mid-November after which a Working Group will be established to take on responsibility for the project.

  • Blog | The ORCID Trust Program

    2016-24-10 10:58

    The ORCID Trust program is now officially launched! Find out how we are working to improve our trustworthiness through four key concepts: Individual Control; Reliable Registry; Community Accountability; and Information Integrity. And please tell us what you think!