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  • Blog | Announcing Alice Meadows: ORCID's New Communications Director 2015-05-20 12:20
  • Blog | F1000 and ORCID Partner to Launch Standard for Citing Peer Review Activities 2015-05-18 07:56

    Peer review is an essential component of the research and scholarly lifecycle.  And yet, researcher peer review activities are rarely acknowledged as a fundamental contribution to research.  At the same time, the need to encourage more researchers to participate in peer review is bumping into a growing desire to find ways to build more trust into the process.  http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayJournal?jid=RAP


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  • Blog | ORCID Announces Newly Formed Global Membership Team 2015-05-15 19:45

    ORCID announces our new membership team: Josh Brown, Matthew Buys, Nobuko Miyairi (as of July 1), and Lilian Pessoa.   Led by Douglas Wright, Director of Membership, the ORCID membership team brings regional expertise in research management, publishing, analytics, research funding, and open access, and fluency in English, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. This growth in our capacity to support the community is supported by a grant from the Helmsley Trust.  Please join us in welcoming our new colleagues!

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  • Blog | ORCID in Research Management in South Africa 2015-05-14 19:23

    I am very pleased to have joined ORCID as Regional Director: Africa & Middle East. recent workshop. Among the activities in my busy debut was the recent SARIMA workshop.

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  • Blog | Enabling Publication Workflows: Persistent identifiers in article submissions 2015-05-04 11:18

    In this month's guest blog post, Alison O'Connell of Aries Systems, writes about publisher implementation of ORCID identifiers to ensure accurate author attribution.

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  • Blog | ORCID at scale 2015-05-01 13:01

    As ORCID adoption grows, its value becomes more clear in connecting, improving, and accelerating the flow of research and scholarly information. With more than 1.3M iDs issued and 200 live integrations, exciting new developments are leveraging the advantages of ORCID at scale, bringing the value of ORCID to whole countries.

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  • Blog | ORCID Joint Statements launched in Australia 2015-04-22 14:11

    In this month's guest blog post,  Natasha Simons, a Research Data Management Specialist with the Australian National Data Service and ORCID Ambassador, writes about the 14 April joint statement announced by the Australian university and funding sectors, to broadly embrace the use of ORCID as a common researcher identifier..


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  • Blog | Introducing Doug Wright: Director of Membership 2015-04-16 01:56

    When I learned about the interesting role of Director of Membership, I knew that serendipity was at play again. In my career, I have been fortunate to feel like I was in the right place at the right time, and this opportunity is exactly that.  Joining the ORCID team at such a pivotal time for the organization is exciting and I am proud to be part of an innovative and essential group in the community.  

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  • Blog | ORCID Welcomes Two New Directors 2015-04-14 03:29

    ORCID is delighted to announce new members of our team (h):  Alice Meadows is joining ORCID as our Communications Director and Douglas Wright as Membership Director.  

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  • Blog | ORCID Receives a $3 Million Grant to Build International Engagement Capacity 2015-04-07 15:00

    ORCID has been awarded an 18-month, $3 million grant by The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust to develop the infrastructure and capacity to support international adoption and technical integration of ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor) identifiers, through staff expansion, regional workshops and localized member technical support.

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  • Blog | Balancing innovation and stability in the ORCID API 2015-03-23 16:19

    I’m often asked how ORCID manages to continually update the Registry to add new features, but still support the many enterprise-level systems owned and operated by ORCID Member organizations that use our APIs. The bottom line answer is flexibility. But, of course, it a bit more involved than that. Read this post to learn more about our process.

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  • Blog | Register now for our Barcelona conference! 2015-03-13 15:11
  • Blog | ORCID member support: Improving on excellence 2015-02-19 14:33

    At every conference we go to - every workshop, every presentation - we will invariably get a comment about our support team. It usually goes something like this: "Your support team is so responsive! They get back to me right away, and thoroughly address my question. I really feel that ORCID is listening to my concerns." As a community driven organization, it is crucial that we have an excellent support team.  Your feedback is important to us, to ensure we are on track. Thank you, to all who have taken the time to send us your feedback on the responsiveness, thoroughness, and competency of our member services team, and kudos to Catalina Wilmers and Liz Krznarich.   

    So, how do we make a good thing even better? Our latest innovation, the Member Support Center, at members.orcid.org.  Designed as a one-stop shop for ORCID implementation, the member support center combines our existing technical documentation with sector-specific workflow guides and planning and communication resources. In this post, I describe some of my favorite things about it.

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  • Blog | Barcelona ORCID-CASRAI meeting in May: join us and submit a paper! 2015-02-19 10:29

    ORCID hosts Outreach meetings twice a year.  This year we are mixing things up a little bit, and hosting a joint conference and codefest with CASRAI, one of our strategic partners. The meeting will be in Barcelona on May 18 and 19, kindly hosted by the University of Barcelona.  The conference theme is interoperability standards in research evaluation, with an emphasis on emerging practice in the humanities and social sciences.  We encourage practitioners, service providers and experts in the field to submit papers to share your work in this area, and in particular how you are using persistent identifiers, ontologies, and data exchange standards in evaluation practice.  If you are a coder interested in software interoperability, we invite you to register for the codefest

    For more information, see the call for papers on our conference site. The submission deadline is March 15. Proposed papers and posters will be reviewed by our distinguished programme committee, chaired by David Baker (Executive Director, CASRAI) and Prof. Marta Soler Gallart (Professor, University of Barcelona and ORCID Board member).

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  • Blog | Jump-starting ORCID Adoption and Integration in the University Community 2015-02-11 15:57

    It can be tough to be an early adopter.  The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation generously funded a suite of ORCID integration projects to drive the uptake of ORCID iDs in universities, associations, and scholarly systems. The nine projects launched in 2013 and completed a year later, producing ORCID iD implementation use cases, promoting iD use amongst researchers, and sharing lessons, code and experiences with the wider ORCID community. The projects delivered their final reports in Fall 2014, and we are pleased to release our summary final report. Josh Greenberg, Director of the Scholarly Communication Program at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation praised the work of the projects:“ORCID is smart, it’s innovative, and it’s taking on a difficult problem faced by the scientific community.  The success of the A&I program was due, more than anything, to the efforts of the ORCID team and the ORCID community and to hard work and long hours put in by people committed to seeing ORCID succeed.  Watching what can happen when a community starts to come together is inspiring.  It’s been a pleasure to be a part of it.” Find out more!

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  • Blog | Why Assessment Needs Persistent Identifiers Like ORCID 2015-01-27 11:57

    In this month's guest blog post, Todd Carpenter of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) writes about the use of persistent identifiers, such as ORCID, in gathering data and testing metrics for assessing research impact.

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  • Blog | New webinar: The metadata round trip 2015-01-13 16:50

    We are delighted to invite you to join us for our next ORCID webinar: The Metadata Round Trip on Friday January 23 at 0800 (PST), 1100 (EST), 1600 (GMT), 1700 (CET).

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  • Blog | ORCID Partners with Hypothes.is and NIF on Helmsley Trust-Supported Open Annotation Project 2015-01-12 13:11
  • Blog | 2014 Year in Review 2015-01-08 22:05

    In 2014 our goals were to increase the adoption and integration of ORCID in the university community, expand our international reach, and complete the first phase of the ORCID Registry feature set.  How did we do?

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  • Blog | New Feature Friday: New ORCID record interface 2014-12-12 05:00

    ​Today we conclude our 2014 new functionality Friday series where we have been focusing on highly-requested items from our iDeas Forum. Thanks again for providing so many great ideas! This post includes our seventh, and biggest end-of-the-year goody: New ORCID Record Interface.  Our most recent site update is based on feedback and input from no fewer than 18 distinct iDeas submitted to the ORCID forum, countless conversations with users and ORCID member organizations, and our own observations in using the site. In short, ORCID records now look and behave better, but of course the real story is a bit more involved. Here I take a moment to introduce some of our favorite features of the new interface.  Sign-in and take a look for yourself!

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  • Blog | Fuelling your CRIS - ORCID iDs as a tool for research intelligence 2014-12-11 17:42

    There is a growing international network of sophisticated research management systems, and it is beginning to change the way that research information is exchanged, analysed and understood. Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) are increasingly used by research organisations as the nexus of this information. Persistent Identifiers, such as ORCID iDs for researchers, are a crucial component in this endeavour, as they enable the disambiguation of people across systems, and the maintenance of reliable connections between people and their achievements. In this guest post, Ed Simons, the president of euroCRIS shares his vision of an interoperable future for CRIS and ORCID, and invites you to join him in a special ORCID-hosted webinar with leading CRIS experts to learn more about their vision of an interoperable future. UPDATED with links to the webinar recording and to the slides of each of our presenters

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  • Blog | Round the World in 25 days: Different Countries, Shared Problems 2014-12-08 16:00

    The latest ORCID road-trip involved visits to eight countries, six languages, ten airports, and fourteen plane tickets. Through it all, an infrastructure of shared terms and similar processes for checking in, airport security and customs, boarding, getting luggage enabled a seamless journey. In an analagous way, ORCID is a part of the plumbing for scholarly communications.  Regardless of your institution or language, ORCID enables shared terms and processes for collecting your name in manuscripts, grants, datasets, education, and employment, ensuring your research and scholarly contributions are attributable and discoverable.

    During the course of my travels, I was struck by how similar the conversations were across nations, sectors, and disciplines.  The idea that integration of ORCID improves visibility of individual researchers; supports discovery and exposure of local scholarly works to an international community; respects local scholarly culture and contexts; and enables improved research reporting.  And, the shared understanding that, for the benefits of ORCID to be realized, the research community needs to work together. 


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  • Blog | New Functionality Fridays: Enhanced Public API 2014-12-05 20:20

    Today we continue our new functionality Friday series where we focus on highly-requested items from our iDeas Forum. Thanks again for providing so many great ideas! This post includes information on the release of our sixth end-of-the-year goody: Enhanced Public API.

    As part of our open source commitment, ORCID has provided a free public API (Application Programming Interface) since our launch in 2012. With our new enhanced public API, it is now possible for any system (including those from organizations that are not ORCID members) to not only include your ORCID iD, but to make this addition in an authenticated way. This means that you won't have to remember your ORCID iD to share it with another system, nor will you have to worry about typos or missed numbers, ensuring data quality. This reliable inclusion of your ORCID iD allows your name, your iD, and your data to travel as a package. In short, it assures trust in the data. In addition, systems can even use this API enhancement to enable you to sign in to their systems using your ORCID credentials.

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  • Blog | iAuthor与ORCID: 中国科学院文献情报中心支持中国研究人员获得国际识别号 2014-12-03 18:41



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  • Blog | iAuthor and ORCID: Supporting International Identifiers for Chinese Researchers at the National Science Library of the Chinese Academies of Sciences 2014-12-03 18:12

    Name ambiguity is a serious issue for Chinese researchers.  Not only do many share a common surname, those researchers who publish in English-language journals have to contend with transliteration issues and multiple versions of their name being associated with their research activities.  Similarly, researchers who publish in Chinese have a difficult time making their research works visible and discoverable in English-language search interfaces. The National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has decided to address these issues head-on, by developing the iAuthor platform, as an easy Chinese frontgate to register for an ORCID identifier and to interoperate with Chinese journals, CSCD and others. On October 28, the NSL formally launched the iAuthor service. (读这篇文章在中国)

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  • Blog | New functionality Friday - ORCID site in Русский and Português 2014-11-28 14:32

    ​Today we continue our new functionality friday series where we focusing on highly-requested items from our iDeas Forum. Thanks again for providing so many great ideas! This post includes our latest end-of-the-year goody: Support for Russian and Portuguese.  We also describe several ways in which Portuguese-language organizations and researchers are using the ORCID Registry. Please read more in English and in Portuguese.

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  • Blog | ORCID Lança Interface de Usuário em Português 2014-11-28 13:53

    O ORCID tem o compromisso fundamental de servir a comunidade acadêmica e de pesquisa internacional. Como parte deste compromisso, continuamos expandido os idiomas suportados no Registro ORCID, e hoje anunciamos o lançamento de nossa interface de usuário em português.

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  • Blog | ORCID Launches User Interface in Portuguese 2014-11-28 13:52

    ORCID has a fundamental commitment to serving the international research and scholarly community. As part of that commitment, we continue to expand the languages supported in the ORCID Registry, and today we announce the launch of our Portuguese-language user interface.

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  • Blog | New Functionality Friday - Auto update your ORCID Record 2014-11-21 16:18

    Today we continue our New Functionality Friday series where we focusing on highly-requested items from our iDeas Forum. This post includes the fourth end-of-the-year goody that we recently released: Auto update of your ORCID record. This functionality was requested in at least five different iDeas submitted to us, and has been the topic of many conversations at our outreach meetings and elsewhere.

    Updating an ORCID record automatically requires two pieces: 1) providing our member organizations the ability to request long-lasting access permission from ORCID record holders, and 2) members implementing applications and workflows to update ORCID record information. We have now enabled long-lasting access permission; read the post to learn more about some of the organizations implementing automatic updates of ORCID records.

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  • Blog | Tokyo in November: ORCID Outreach Meeting 2014-11-18 13:39



    ORCID hosts an outreach meeting twice a year, to provide an update on technical developments, member integrations, and researcher adoption.  These meetings are also an opportunity for us to meet and listen to our stakeholders in the research community.

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  • Blog | 1 Million ORCID Identifiers! 2014-11-17 17:00

    I am thrilled to announce that ORCID has issued its 1 millionth identifier. We have reached this milestone two years after the launch of the ORCID Registry through the collaborative effort of researchers, Ambassadors, and member integrators. Thank you!


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  • Blog | New Functionality Friday - ORCID iD QR codes 2014-11-14 05:00

    We are continuing with our weekly releases of highly-requested items from the ORCID iDeas Forum. This post includes the third end-of-the-year goody that we recently released: ORCID iD QR codes.

    You can now get a scannable QR Code that points to your ORCID iD. In addition, we’ve teamed up with Zazzle.com to format the QR code to be printed on stickers that you can add to your posters and other presentation materials.



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  • Blog | New Functionality Friday - Help manage my record! 2014-11-07 00:10

    As we mentioned last week, we are spending the last several weeks of 2014 focusing on highly-requested items from our iDeas Forum. This post includes the second of the end-of-the-year goodies that we recently released: Trusted Individuals. Did you ever wish you could enable someone else to add things to your ORCID record, or add your ORCID iD to something that requires your username and password, without giving the other person your sign-in credentials? If so, this new functionality is for you!

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  • Blog | 日本語版 ORCID.org の開設! (ORCID.org in Japanese!) 2014-11-03 12:48

    日本語版 ORCID.org の開設!

    これまで提供してきた諸言語でのサービスにもうひとつ言語が加えられ、ORCID のサイトが日本語でご利用いただけるようになりました。このリリースにより、当サイトでの対応言語は 7 つとなり、他の言語の準備も着々と進んでいます。ORCID はグローバル コミュニティであり、私たちは、有益な情報と資料を誰もが確実に利用できるよう日々努めています。今回の翻訳の準備にご尽力いただいた ORCID アンバサダーの時実象一氏 (http://orcid.org/0000-0003-1236-1930) には、心よりお礼を申し上げます。また、今回のリリースを、11 月 5 日の東京アウトリーチ・ミーティングに合わせて発表できることは誠に喜ばしく、ミーティングの会場をご提供くださる国立情報学研究所および現地プログラム委員会の各位を含め、このイベントの開催にご助力いただいた方々にはこの場を借りて謝意を表したいと思います。日本におけるすべての同僚ならびにサポーターの皆さまにご挨拶申し上げます。新たに設けられたページが皆さまの心に叶うことを願ってやみません。

    ORCID.org in Japanese!

    We are delighted to announce that we have added another language to those that we already serve: the ORCID site is now available in Japanese. This release brings the number of languages that we support on our site to 7, with others in the pipeline. ORCID is a global community, and we strive to ensure that useful information and materials are accessible to everyone. Sincere thanks to ORCID Ambassador, Soichi Tokizane (http://orcid.org/0000-0003-1236-1930), who was instrumental in preparing this translation. We are especially pleased to announce this release in time for our Outreach Meeting in Tokyo, on November 5th, and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped to make this event happen, including the National Institute of Informatics for kindly hosting the meeting and the local program committee. Our greetings to all our colleagues and supporters in Japan. We hope you like the new pages!

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  • Blog | New Functionality Friday - BibTeX goodness 2014-10-31 00:10

    As we kick off our third year, and round the end of 2014, we are spending some time focusing on highly-requested items from our iDeas Forum. This forum provides a venue for us to hear suggestions from the very engaged ORCID community. While there are many more great ideas than we have the resources to tackle, we think you’ll be excited by the items that we’ve taken on.

    This post describes the first of the end-of-the-year goodies that we are releasing today: Import from BibTeX.​

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  • Blog | New webinar: Libraries, Researchers and ORCID 2014-10-21 15:44

    We are pleased to announce a forthcoming webinar on Libraries, Researchers and ORCID. In this webinar, we will explore the ways that libraries can support researchers in creating and using their ORCID iDs. Join our panel of experts from the library community as they share their tips for successfully engaging the whole research community. The webinar will take place on October 30, at 1300 UTC. *UPDATE: Video now available!*

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  • Blog | Happy birthday to us! Public data for you! 2014-10-16 19:27

    Today ORCID turns 2. We have grown so much over the last two years and are close to 1,000,000 active ORCID iDs. Our membership base, site, resources, and API features have grown and developed far beyond our initial expectations, largely thanks to the encouragement and support from the community. Thank you!

    With this anniversary, we also announce the release of our second annual public data file. This file contains a snapshot of all public data in the ORCID Registry associated with an ORCID record that was created or claimed by an individual. We publish this file once per year under a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication. This means that, to the extent possible under law, ORCID has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the Public Data File.

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  • Blog | ORCID Competition for Best Tweet and Best Quote 2014-10-06 19:18

    Next week, ORCID will reach two big milestones: our 1 millionth registrant and our 2-year anniversary. 

    Help us celebrate by entering our "Best Tweet and Best Quote" competition.   What is your view of ORCID, your vision, your experience?  Why should your colleagues, your organization,  your association, your funder, your favorite application, use ORCID?  What is the best implementation of ORCID you have seen?

    The winners will receive a coffee cup customized with their very own ORCID iD!  To enter the competition, send your tweet or quote with your name, affiliation, and ORCID iD, to community@orcid.org, no later than Friday, October 10, 2014.  All submissions CC-BY.

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  • Blog | ORCID in Andalucia! CBUA joins ORCID as consortium member 2014-10-01 17:49

    CBUA: Consorcio de Bibliotecas Universitarias de Andalucía (Consortium of Andalusian University Libraries) is ORCID’s newest consortium member.  The CBUA ORCID initiative is led by the University of Sevilla, and aims to provide facilities to register researchers at the nine participating universities and to integrate ORCID identifiers into institutional repositories and institutional and regional research information systems (CRIS).  The CBUA have launched a Webpage that provides information on the initiative in Spanish.

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  • Blog | Last chance to comment on Peer Review citation data standard 2014-09-19 10:00
  • Blog | Registration now open for Tokyo Outreach Meeting 2014-09-06 13:59

    The program will highlight how research organizations and universities, publishers, and professional societies in Asia are adopting ORCID, sharing lessons learned from implementations as well as plans for the future. The event is free and everyone who performs or supports research is invited to attend:  researchers, funders, professional association leaders, publishers, research policy-makers, repository managers, facilities managers, librarians, institutional leaders, research directors, and vendors. 

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  • Blog | Denmark adopts ORCID! A Consortium approach to ORCID implementation. 2014-09-04 10:06

    Denmark’s universities and research institutions all have their own CRIS (current research information system) with extensive information on their researchers and research output. Information on publications are harvested on a national basis to create a national research dissemination and promotion site. This also supports the calculation of the national bibliographic indicator, one of the comparative measures used by the government to determine the funding of universities.

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  • Blog | Join us for webinar on ORCID adoption by research funding organizations 2014-08-28 12:10

    Join us for free webinar on ORCID adoption by research funding organizations. <a href="http://orcid.org" target="_blank">ORCID</a>&nbsp;is partnering with&nbsp;the <a href="http://www.healthra.org" target="_blank">Health Research Alliance</a>, a consortium of&nbsp;biomedical research foundations, to host&nbsp;a free <a href="https://orcid.org/content/webinar-orcid-adoption-funding-organizations" target="_blank">webinar</a> on how funders are using ORCID identifiers in their workflows and systems. &nbsp;Join us to learn&nbsp;why&nbsp;funders at public and private funding organizations in the U.S. and Europe&nbsp;are integrating ORCID identifiers into common CV platforms, mandating use during&nbsp;grant submission, and leveraging identifiers to improve tracking and evaluation.&nbsp;

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  • Blog | Register now for the ODIN project final event! 2014-08-20 09:03
  • Blog | ORCID at the American Chemical Society Meeting 2014-08-19 20:17

    ORCID attended the 248th national meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in San Francisco in August.  ACS is both an ORCID sponsor and member organization, and it now requests ORCID identifiers during journal manuscript submission. We met with a number of the nearly 15,000 scientists and students who participated in this event at our exhibitor booth.

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  • Blog | A recipe for trust 2014-07-09 18:11

    As ORCID interoperates with more partners and data systems, it becomes more clear that trust works both ways: it must be mutual. Without trust in the provenance, persistence, and uniqueness of digital identifiers, the services and tools that the world of research increasingly relies on cannot operate.

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  • Blog | Save the date for Autumn ORCID Outreach Meeting in Tokyo 2014-06-11 18:47

    Please save the date for our next ORCID Outreach Meeting, which will be held on 4 November 2014 at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo, Japan. We are looking forward to learning more about ORCID adoption in Asia and Pacific Rim countries from integrators, institutional leaders, national stakeholders, and researchers.

    ORCID アウトリーチ・ミーティングが、国立情報学研究所の協力のもと、2014 年 11 月 4 日に東京で開催されます。ORCID がアジア太平洋地域の国々で、インテグレーター、研究機関、国の機関や研究者にどのように広がっているかを学ぶ良い機会になることを願っています。

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  • Blog | Announcing ORCID’s Wikipedian-in-Residence 2014-06-10 09:41

    ORCID is pleased to appoint Andy Mabbett as our Wikipedian-in Residence.  In this pro-bono role, Andy will extend his work as an ORCID Ambassador and act as liaison with the Wikimedia community to integrate ORCID into Wikipedia, Wikidata,  and sister projects.

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  • Blog | ORCID Outreach Meeting Highlights Integrations, Use Cases, and Outreach at Universities and Professional Societies 2014-06-03 05:00

    On May 21-22, 2014 ORCID held its twelfth bi-annual Outreach Meeting, hosted by the University of Illinois in Chicago. Slides and webinar recordings and posters from the event are now available online. This outreach meeting showcased the integrations, use cases, and outreach efforts at universities and professional societies, including nine Adoption and Integration partner institutions that were supported by a grant to ORCID from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The variety and depth of integration work being carried out by the community was impressive, demonstrating significant progress implementing ORCID identifiers across campus systems. Nearly 60 universities are now ORCID members

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  • Blog | Plans for Enabling Multiple Assertions in the ORCID Registry 2014-06-02 20:36

    ​ORCID provides an open Registry of unique researcher identifiers, and we work collaboratively with the research community to enable linkages between these identifiers and other identifier schemes and systems.  The ORCID Registry stores metadata that indicates the source of information (for example, the individual or a search and link wizard). In June 2013, ORCID formed the Multiple Assertions Working Group (MAWG), to explore the use cases, implications, processes and policies for enabling and exposing assertions from third parties. For example, how might ORCID handle information about connections between ORCID iDs and related work or researcher activities that are made by someone other than the researcher, usually an organization. The MAWG, chaired by Simeon Warner of Cornell University, recently finalized their recommendations, and today we announce our plans to enable verification of these linkages by third-parties, to enhance trust and value for researchers and the community.


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  • Blog | Jisc and ARMA announce ORCID Pilot Project participants 2014-05-19 16:48

    On 8 May, Jisc and ARMA co-hosted a kickoff meeting for their ORCID pilot project. The goal of the project is to explore opportunities and challenges in integrating ORCID identifiers into research management systems and workflows at higher education institutions (HEIs) in the UK. The kickoff meeting provided an opportunity for HEIs to present their plans and identify connections with other project participants. Over the course of the project, each participating HEI is tasked with developing use cases, blogging on their experiences, and contributing to a business case appraising options for a nation-wide implementation of ORCID.  Read on for more on the project participants and their plans,

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  • Blog | Introducing Josh Brown: ORCID EU Communications Manager 2014-05-14 14:40

    Josh Brown joined ORCID on May 1 as the Communications Manager for Europe. Josh has spent years building collaborations in support of open and accessible research, and ORCID is thrilled to have him on board. Josh will be supporting ORCID's European activities, with a special focus in the coming months on the ORCID and Datacite Interoperability Network (ODIN)  project. Please join us in welcoming Josh to the ORCID team!  Read his first blog to learn more about his background and goals, and look for him at events across Europe.

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  • Blog | The More we Need to Change: Moving toward Contributorship 2014-05-07 22:54

    ORCID just received the Award for Meritorious Achievement from the Council of Science Editors, in recognition for its pioneering work creating an open digital author identification system and helping to advance CSE’s mission to improve scientific communication. 

    We are truly honored! 

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  • Blog | Help us Beta-test the new ORCID Public Authentication API 2014-04-29 20:01

    Organizations are using a variety of approaches to integrate ORCID iDs into their systems and workflows. We love the variety, and have built our API to support evolving community needs. We have found some organizations are asking users to type in their iD, and are concerned about both data quality and lack of an authenticated link between the user and the identifier. We decided there had to be a better way, and embarked on an initiative to make available a Public API that supports authentication.

    We are at a stage in development of this new Public API where we are seeking developers interested in becoming Beta users. If you would like to get an early peek at this API in exchange for providing us with feedback, please fill out the Beta Tester request form to get started. While we provide documentation a user forum, and links to helpful tools to aid in your integration, we will not provide individualized support for this free feature. Beta testers will help us ensure that the feature is easy to use and the documentation is complete.

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  • Blog | Ten things you need to know about ORCID right now 2014-04-25 21:46

    Have you ever tried to search for an author, only to discover that he shares a name with 113 other researchers? Or realized that Google Scholar stopped tracking citations to your work after you took your spouse’s surname a few years back?

    If so, you’ve probably wished for ORCID.

    ORCID iDs are permanent identifiers for researchers. Community uptake has increased tenfold over the past year, and adoption by new institutions, funders, and journals is increasing on a daily basis. ORCID may prove to be one of the most important advances in scholarly communication in the past ten years.

    Here are ten things you need to know about ORCID and its importance to you.

    Adapted from the ImpactStory Blog, 10 April 2014

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  • Blog | Identification of Early Career Researchers: How Universities and Funding Organizations are Using ORCID 2014-04-25 05:00

    Funding agencies, universities, and research institutes all face challenges of reliably identifying their researchers and monitoring outcomes over time. All researchers—and especially early career researchers seeking to establish their careers—need to be reliably connected to their research outputs, without the confusion common, changeable names creates.  The use of the unique, persistent ORCID identifier can help support outcomes tracking and evaluation and has the potential to considerably reduce the substantial data cleaning, linking, and standardization challenges funding and research organizations face. A recent ORCID Webinar brought together presenters from the U.S. National Institutes of Health, Harvard University, and Texas A&M University to share the challenges, benefits, and integration of ORCID within funder and university systems. 

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  • Blog | ORCID user interface now available in Korean 2014-04-10 22:43

    ORCID has a fundamental commitment to serving the international research and scholarly community. As part of that commitment, in 2014 we will be expanding the number of languages supported, and we are very excited to announce that the ORCID user interface is now available in Korean.

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  • Blog | ORCID and CASRAI: Acknowledging Peer Review Activities 2014-04-08 14:57

    A number of publishers and funders have been integrating ORCID identifiers into their review workflows.  They are now asking us how to post review activity information to ORCID records.  We are pleased to announce a community collaboration, managed by CASRAI, to answer that question.

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  • Blog | Empowering Graduate Student Research: Linking ORCID Identifiers to Theses and Dissertations 2014-03-26 15:54

    In the past few weeks, we've seen some exciting new integrations that link ORCID identifiers with graduate student thesis and dissertation information. These developments, coming from the British Library and Texas A&M University, help connect scholars with their important, early career publications. A master's thesis or doctoral dissertation is often a researcher's first publication, but it often lacks the visibility of more formally published materials. Integration of ORCID identifiers in the electronic thesis and dissertation (ETD) process helps to raise the visibility of these important contributions and also can provide a verifiable link with the student's graduate institution.

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  • Blog | Certification for our Privacy Policy 2014-03-20 14:18
    TRUSTe online privacy certification

    Privacy is a fundamental concern for ORCID. One of our bedrock principles that guides our operations is, "Researchers will control the defined privacy settings of their own ORCID record data." We are pleased to announce that our site is now TRUSTe certified! We have received a TRUSTe Privacy Seal signifying that our privacy statement and practices have been reviewed  for compliance with the TRUSTe program requirements including transparency, accountability and choice regarding the collection and use of your personal information.


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  • Blog | ORCID, Repositories, and Researchers! 2014-03-11 02:53

    Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the bi-annual meeting of SPARC in Kansas City. SPARC, the Scholar Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, is an international alliance of academic research libraries working to promote open systems of scholarly communications.  The meeting was attended by about 200 U.S. and Canadian librarians who are dedicated to the collection, archiving, and dissemination of research through open access publishing and repositories. While I was connecting with librarians, Executive Director Laure Haak was staffing an ORCID booth at the American Physical Society meeting, helping faculty, researchers, and students register for an ORCID identifier. These events are among many in our outreach to connect with universities, publishers, and researchers and explain the value and benefit of registering, embedding, and using ORCID identifiers.

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  • Blog | ORCID in the UK: Jisc/ARMA pilot project and HESA student records 2014-03-04 20:37

    Last spring, a broad group of UK higher education sector bodies, funders and professional associations signed a joint statement expressing their support for the ORCID initiative. Now, HESA has integrated ORCID identifiers into its Student Record, and Jisc have announced a pilot project to develop best practices for a potential UK-wide adoption of ORCID in higher education.  

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  • Blog | Link your ORCID record to your funding! 2014-03-03 15:23

    It goes without saying that funding is essential for research. Perhaps less well-recognized is that funding awards are an important component of a researcher’s record of contributions.

    ORCID now provides researchers the tools to link their ORCID iD to their funding awards. Together with efforts by funding organizations to integrate ORCID identifiers into grants application and post-award reporting workflows, these tools will support the claiming of existing and new funded awards.

    Read on for more on how to link your iD with your funding, and for an overview of how funders are integrating ORCID identifiers.

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  • Blog | Join us for the ORCID Outreach Meeting and Codefest 2014-02-26 13:19

    Please join us for the Spring 2014 ORCID Outreach Meeting and Codefest, taking place May 21-22 in Chicago. The Outreach Meeting will showcase how universities and professional societies are incorporating ORCID identifiers into their workflows and systems, including institutional repositories, researcher information systems, membership and access management, and more. Our Adoption and Integration Program partner organizations will share their experiences and provide demonstrations of their integrations. Technical developers are invited to participate in a Codefest, to collaborate with the ORCID team to create new ORCID mashups. The Outreach Meeting and Codefest are free but space is limited.  Register today--cutoff is May 14!

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  • Blog | Supporting Evaluation with Unique and Persistent Identifiers for Researchers 2014-02-22 01:59

    I recently returned from the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), where I participated in a panel discussion on Evaluating the Global Impact of Research Investments. This was a great opportunity to share with other members of the research community the importance of persistent identifiers in creating an effective evaluation infrastructure. Slides from the event are available on Slideshare

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  • Blog | Get Involved with the ORCID Community! 2014-02-07 06:00

    As a community-driven organization, we encourage input and involvement from the scholarly communications community. Through your participation, we can better prioritize, plan, and implement features and tools to support your needs. There are many opportunities to get involved with ORCID: mailing lists, ambassador activities, technical discussions and code contributions, steering and working groups, bi-annual outreach meetings, and by becoming a member.  We look forward to working with you!

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  • Blog | Resources to support integration and outreach 2014-01-29 17:28

    To better share information and support the integration of ORCID identifiers, we have enhanced our online resources, created new user communities, and posted handouts in multiple languages for our user communities. All available on our Website at orcid.org.

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  • Blog | ORCID Community Partners 2014-01-22 18:58

    ORCID is a community-driven organization.  We benefit greatly from our steering and working groups, which guide and support the evolution and ongoing development of the ORCID system. In addition, ORCID participates in and supports the broader community effort to promote data quality and interoperability in the collection, management, exchange and aggregation of research information. Toward this mission, ORCID is partnering with the following organizations: CASRAI, DataCite, euroCRIS, Force11, Global Alliance for Genomics and Health, ISNI, and Research Data Alliance.

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  • Blog | Managing Duplicate ORCID iDs 2014-01-09 11:17

    A question we get often is, what happens when/if a second ORCID iD is created for the same person?  As a matter of policy, ORCID does not absolutely prevent multiple iDs/records from being intentionally created and maintained by an individual, though we have put into place a number of policies and practices to prevent duplicates from being created unintentionally, or to merge records when they do.

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  • Blog | ORCID: 2013 Year in Review 2014-01-06 16:22

    In 2013, ORCID moved from a demonstrator to a stable system used by close to half a million researchers.  During the year, a number of integrations were launched that supported the visibility and adoption of ORCID identifiers by the community, including association with external identifiers including ResearcherID and Scopus; embedding in many manuscript submission systems, discussions about national adoption, the collection of ORCID iDs by research funders, the creation of ORCID records by universities, embedding in data and publication repositories, and collection and display of ORCID identifiers by external systems.   ORCID closed the year with over 460,000 registrants and 111 organizational members.  We have users in every country and territory, and members on every continent.  Read on for highlights from the year.

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  • Blog | I registered for my ORCID iD. . . now what? 2013-12-18 03:44

    It takes about 30 seconds to register for your ORCID iD. Then what? Take a few minutes to add information that is important to distinguish you and improve the functionality of the ORCID search and link wizards, namely any of your name variations, multiple email addresses, and organizational affiliations. Then, take a few more minutes and use our wizards to import information on your existing works and link to other identifiers. Finally, to make the most of your ORCID iD, use it! Read on to learn more about managing your ORCID record. 

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  • Blog | Organizational affiliations now part of ORCID record 2013-12-09 16:45

    Researchers and contributors may now link education and employment affiliations to their ORCID Records. The addition of affiliations allows researchers to further distinguish themselves from those with similar names, and enables greater information sharing with the resources they use that connect to their ORCID Record information.

    With this release, researchers may manually add this information from the My ORCID Record page (sign in required). Several ORCID Member research institutions and other organizations also are creating links to import affiliations into researcher's Records. Look for these tools in the coming months. For more information about how to use this new functionality, see our knowledge base article: Add Education & Employment: Website User

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  • Blog | We’re Listening! Changes in Member Agreements and New Authentication-Only API 2013-11-21 14:53

    As part of ORCID’s one-year anniversary, we have reviewed our member agreements to incorporate feedback received from the community.  We are pleased to report a number of changes we hope will encourage responsible use of ORCID identifiers and streamline the membership and integration process, including an Authentication-only API that does not require membership.  Read the post and see our updated Membership and Subscriptions webpage for more details. 

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  • Blog | Universities Now Creating ORCID iDs for their Researchers and Scholars 2013-11-13 14:38

    Universities and research institutes have started to integrate ORCID identifiers into their systems and workflows.  In September, more than 2000 ORCID iDs were created by member institutions using the ORCID API. In the U.S., Boston University has created ORCID iDs for the faculty in its medical center and the University of Michigan has conducted an initial test of the process, and a number of universities are creating integration prototypes through the Adoption and Integration program. In Europe, Chalmers University of Technology has piloted the creation of ORCID iDs for its faculty, researchers, and graduate students, and several universities in Spain and the UK are starting to integrate ORCID identifiers. The University of Hong Kong is creating ORCID iDs for its faculty this fall. Read on for more information on university experiences with ORCID.

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  • Blog | ORCID Celebrates Its First Year 2013-11-01 20:49

    We held our Fall 2013 ORCID Outreach Meeting (#orcid11) on 30 October in Washington, D.C. at the headquarters of the American Geophysical Union. The meeting was attended by 115 stakeholders from publishing, funding organizations, professional societies, and universities and research institutes. Slides, photos, and a recording of the event are available online.

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  • Blog | ORCID Public Data File Now Available 2013-10-28 13:29

    One year after launching the ORCID Registry, we are excited to be releasing our first Public Data File.  This file contains a snapshot of all public data in the ORCID Registry associated with an ORCID record that was created or claimed by an individual. We publish this file once per year under a Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal public domain dedication. This means that, to the extent possible under law, ORCID has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to the Public Data File.

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  • Blog | Catalan Universities agree to use the ORCID identifier for their researchers 2013-10-25 17:04

    A consortium of Catalan universities have announced they will be using ORCID as their standard researcher identifier. Included are the Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Universitat de Girona, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Universitat de Lleida, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Universitat Ramon Llull, Universitat de Vic and the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya.

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  • Blog | Updates to Works 2013-10-24 21:22

    Several weeks ago the Works Metadata Working Group provided us some recommendations for improving how ORCID Records store and interact with Works. We are excited to share with you our first round of improvements. Included in this update are updates to the definition of a "duplicate work", adding abbreviations for external identifiers, new works fields, and a new UI for entering works.

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  • Blog | Announcing ORCID Adoption & Integration Program Awardees! 2013-10-01 05:00

    ORCID is pleased to announce the nine project partners who will be participating in the ORCID Adoption and Integration (A&I) Program, which provides external funding for North American universities and science and social science professional associations to integrate ORCID identifiers, supports the elicitation and documentation of use cases and open source code, and establishes a collaborative venue for disseminating best practices. This program is made possible through support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

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  • Blog | Science of Science Policy: The need for data standards and persistent identifiers 2013-09-30 17:24

    At ORCID, we have been largely focused on researchers who perform research and use the Registry to obtain an iD and link to their works.  In fact, there is another group of researchers who will benefit: those who are interested in mining the linkages in ORCID data to derive and test models of knowledge flow and innovation--the "science of science policy" community. ORCID and similar community-driven infrastructure organizations can learn from the Science of Science Policy community about the needs of its researchers to ensure that the developing infrastructure is appropriately responsive.


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  • Blog | ORCID supports the interoperable exchange of datasets 2013-09-27 05:00

    Last week ORCID attended the Research Data Alliance and DataCite meetings, both held at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. There was a lot of buzz about ORCID at these events. To truly support e-research, it’s essential to use persistent identifiers to connect data creators with their data, and that’s what the ORCID iD does!

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  • Blog | Gira por España 2013-09-25 14:22

    Acabo de regresar de un viaje por España perfectamente coordinado por Consol García, de la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña·BarcelonaTech. Nos reunimos con investigadores y bibliotecarios, con responsables de consorcios de bibliotecas universitarias y centros de investigación y con empresas desarrolladoras de CRIS, mientras atravesábamos el país desde Barcelona hasta Sevilla, pasando por Madrid y Logroño. Desde el lanzamiento de ORCID hace un año, los investigadores españoles se encuentran entre  los que más utilizan el registro. España  siempre ha ocupado una destacada posición entre los 5 primeros países.

    Read this in English

    Lea esto en español


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  • Blog | Gira por España (English version) 2013-09-25 05:00

    I’ve just returned from a trip through Spain, wonderfully coordinated by Consol Garcia of Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya - Barcelona Tech. We met with researchers, library consortia, universities, research institutes, state and federal government research organizations, and with CRIS and repository vendors as we criss-crossed the country from Barcelona, to Madrid, Logrono, and Sevilla. There is strong participation in ORCID by Spanish researchers  and growing membership among Spansih organization.

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  • Blog | ORCID Outreach Activities in Latin America 2013-09-12 11:50

    ORCID recently presented at the Fourth International PKP Scholarly Publishing Conference in Mexico City, and ORCID Ambassadors are actively encouraging ORCID adoption in Latin America. 

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  • Blog | Works Metadata: Recommendations from our Working Group 2013-09-09 13:11

    ORCID formed a technical working group in February 2013 to examine the metadata used for Works in the ORCID Registry. We charged the group to review the current Works data and service models, and present recommendations for improvements (See the complete Charge of the Works Metadata Working Group.) While usability and display of Works were not directly a part of the group’s charge, these topics surfaced occasionally, and suggestions also were noted. The WG provided specific suggestions for improvements in the areas of actionable external identifiers, citations, work types, internationalization and contribution types and roles.The full set of recommendations can be found on the working group’s page on the ORCID website. The key themes of the recommendations:

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  • Blog | ORCID Registrants (250K!), Members (80+), Integrators and Sponsors 2013-09-03 12:59

    We are nearing the one-year anniversary of the launch of the ORCID Registry.  In the past year, we have seen the Registry grow in many ways, reaching and exceeding 250,000 registrants, 80 members, integrations across the spectrum of members, and sponsors who have helped to make this all possible. 

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  • Blog | ORCID user interface now available in Spanish, French, and Chinese 2013-08-15 16:35

    ORCID has broad international usage and membership, To support our growing community, we are making our Registry and selected web pages available in Spanish, French, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese, and English.

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  • Blog | Suggested Practices for Collection and Display of ORCID iDs in Publishing Workflows 2013-08-08 20:09

    For ORCID identifiers to become part of the metadata on published works, publishers must embed them throughout the publishing workflow: from submission of a manuscript through to publishing and to transmission of XML to CrossRef.  We will be discussing integration of ORCID identifiers in two venues: during a Webinar on September 19, and at our Outreach meeting on October 30.  As a prelude to these events, in this blog I present current-end-to-end integrations and proposals for standard online and print display practices.  ORCID would very much like your feedback prior to and during these upcoming meetings as we develop recommended best practices for integration of ORCID identifiers by the publishing community.

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  • Blog | ORCID and Europe PubMedCentral Linked 2013-08-06 20:55

    ORCID users: You can now link to your articles in Europe PubMedCentral (PMC) directly from the ORCID user interface. Using the new search and import tool makes it easy for you to add high-quality information to your ORCID record, and will allow your works to be viewed in Europe PMC.

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  • Blog | ORCID Ambassadors support outreach activities across the globe 2013-08-06 20:39

    The response to our recently-launched ORCID Ambassadors program has been every positive. Our first group of twenty-five ORCID Ambassadors hail from thirteen countries, and include researchers, faculty and university administration, librarians, funders, association and publishing professionals.

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  • Blog | Upcoming ORCID Events! 2013-07-30 20:57

    ORCID has three events coming up in September and October, to provide the research community opportunities to learn more about integration of ORCID identifiers, and to participate in developing best practice recommendations.

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  • Blog | New way to add Works to ORCID Records 2013-07-30 18:14

    Based on the feedback that we have received from our users, we have made several changes to the way that you interact with works in your ORCID Record. Read this post to learn more about these new features including: Quick Delete, Updated Privacy Selectio, New Import Works Wizards, and Updated Manually Added Works

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  • Blog | Announcing New Member Features! 2013-07-29 21:11

    ORCID announces the launch of two premium member services: change notifications and monthly data files. Premium members now can use these features to synchronize data with the ORCID Registry.

    Not yet a premium member? Find out more about how to become one at http://orcid.org/about/membership

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  • Blog | ORCID seeking volunteers for ambassador program 2013-06-30 21:50

    ORCID is seeking energetic volunteers to serve as ambassadors to the research and scholarly community to help facilitate the adoption of ORCID identifiers locally and globally.  We will provide materials for presentations and help you produce poster presentations. Ambassadors will receive an ORCID T-shirt, stickers, and pens; and may apply for a travel stipend or reimbursement of meeting registration expenses when engaged in ORCID outreach activities. Click here to apply. Questions? Contact Rebecca Bryant at community@orcid.org.

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  • Blog | ORCID plans to launch affiliation module using ISNI and Ringgold Organization Identifiers 2013-06-27 13:05

    ORCID will be launching its affiliation module this fall using ISNI unique organizational identifiers, to support the accurate and persistent identification of researcher institutional affiliations. ISNI and Ringgold are currently collaborating to crosswalk Ringgold organizational identifiers with ISNI identifiers. ORCID plans to work through Ringgold to obtain organizational identifiers for public use in the ORCID registry, including the Ringgold Institutional Identifier, the ISNI number, Institution Name, location data, URL and alternative name. This important development will enable data mapping between different organizations and also the data systems within those organizations.

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  • Blog | ORCID announces new Registry features: Log into your account today! 2013-06-20 16:01

    A little known fact about the ORCID Registry is how often we update funtionality, sometimes as frequently as weekly! You will be delighted with what has changed.  We encourage you to log into your ORCID record, update your account, and connect your activities, with new features that support linkage with multiple email addresses, enhanced privacy management, and more search and link wizards.  

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  • Blog | Connecting research datasets and researchers: ORCID use cases and integrations 2013-06-17 14:56

    Datasets are an important output and resource for researchers of all disciplines.  For the community to effectively access and re-use datasets, an understanding of data storage and attribution is fundamental. From that understanding flows the development and use of standard data exchange protocols. How are ORCID identifers being embedded into data respository workflows? In addition to a number of recent integrations by figshare, ANDS, and ODIN, Dryad is starting work to pilot use of ORCID identifiers in DSpace, discussed at the recent OAI8 DSpace User Meeting hosted by @mire.

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  • Blog | ORCID awarded grant from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to support university and professional society integration of persistent identifiers 2013-06-14 03:30

    ORCID announces a new project aimed at encouraging the adoption and integration of persistent researcher identifiers by research universities and scientific and social science professional associations.  Funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, this project will provide external funding and personalized outreach and technical support to participating organizations. The goal of this program is to catalyze broader community adoption by standardizing and streamlining the ORCID identifier integration process, collecting and documenting use cases, developing open source code samples, and providing case studies of working integrations.  The program will disseminate use cases and integration best practices through an Outreach meeting and CodeFest, to be held in Chicago in May 2014.  Up to 10 grants of $15,000-$20,000 each are available. More information on the program and the RFP are available at https://orcid.org/content/rfp-2013-06-orcid-id-adoption-and-integration-program. Proposals are due by August 31, 2013.

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  • Blog | ORCID and ISNI Issue Joint Statement on Interoperation, April 2013 2013-04-22 17:14

    ORCID and ISNI have issued a joint statement on the need for interoperation between the two organizations and about the first collaborative steps in defining system interoperability. The full statement is provided below.

    ORCID and ISNI Joint Statement on Interoperation

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  • Blog | ORCID has been captured by orcs! 2013-04-01 04:00

    After receiving a cease and desist order from the orc, we have been trying very hard to clarify how to pronounce ORCID. However, even with our best efforts, there is a contingent of the community that persists in saying “orc – eye-dee”.

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  • Blog | ORCID welcomes Rebecca Bryant as our Director of Community 2013-03-31 10:29

    ORCID is pleased to announce Rebecca Bryant, PhD, as our Director of Community. Starting on 1 April, Rebecca will report to the Executive Director and will be responsible for managing our Outreach plan, which in addition to our bi-annual Outreach meetings includes a number of new initiatives including launching our Ambassador Program, managing our website localization efforts, and supporting regional programs and events at research meetings.  

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  • Blog | ORCID How to: More on specifying ORCID iDs in document metadata 2013-03-22 13:59

    I posted a blog late last year about how to specify ORCID iDs in the NLM DTD. NISO and Cadmus have published a best practice for tagging ORCID iDs in the blue DTD, the tag set used by many journals for the actual article file and to transmit information between systems.  This blog describes the Journal Publishing Tag Library NISO JATS Version 1.0 and the Cadmus Input Metadata DTD.

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  • Blog | ORCID open source project now available! 2013-03-02 00:19

    Today we announce the release of ORCID's open source code under an MIT-style license, and the engagement model for continuing technical collobaration and our open source community. In addition to transparency, releasing our code will improve interoperability and integration with external services, lead to more robust code because more individuals are auditing and testing it, and, with an extended developer community, enable faster code iteration and evolution. Also, engage with the ORCID community at our outreach meeting and codefest in May in Oxford, UK. See our events page for details.

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  • Blog | How should an ORCID iD be displayed? 2013-02-21 19:11

    The primary mission of ORCID is to create a permanent iD for researchers and scholars.  To be useful to the research community, ORCID iDs must be actionable and linked back to the ORCID Registry.  Whether on your website, in the metadata for research works, in the submission process for a conference, or any other venue where the iD can be expressed, we recommend that ORCID iDs be displayed as a URI, with hyphens between every 4th digit, as such:


    In the event that space is limited, the URI can be shortened to orcid.org/0000-0002-1825-0097.

    More information on display and usage guidelines, including downloadable iD icons, is available on our Website, at http://about.orcid.org/trademark-and-id-display-guidelines

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  • Blog | ORCID Outreach Meeting: Register Now and Hold the Date! 2013-02-19 17:16

    ORCID will be hosting its biannual Outreach meeting on May 23, 2013, in Oxford UK.  In the morning, participants will learn about the status of the ORCID Registry, membership, and technical tools, and will have the opportunity to interact with staff and integrators.   We will join up with Dryad in the afternoon to present a symposium on research attribution.  We are also hosting a Code Fest with the theme Connections, for developers to meet with ORCID technical staff and work on mashups with the ORCID APIs.  

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  • Blog | ORCID Tech Update: Default privacy settings 2013-01-18 19:35

    In today's website release ORCID has implemented a highly-requested feature: the ability to set default privacy settings for newly imported pubications and other works. Today's post includes a short video about the feature. Also learn more about past releases, and what to expect in the near future.

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  • Blog | ORCID How to: Linking Document IDs to your Works 2013-01-17 15:59
  • Blog | NIH testing ORCID iDs in the ScienCV platform 2013-01-16 14:45

    The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) is a new ORCID subscriber. “I am really excited to hear that NIH will be joining Wellcome Trust in working to embed ORCID identifiers in grant application workflows, and we look forward to other funders signing up. ORCID promises to provide funders a means to better track research and understand the impact of our funding while reducing the burden for researchers of reporting the products of their research,' said Liz Allen, Head of Evaluation at the Wellcome Trust.

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  • News | ORCID Seeking Director of Community 2013-01-11 22:47

    ORCID has a position open for a Director of Community to support our Outreach activities.  Several new initiatives are in the works for 2013 including an Ambassador program and localization efforts.  Please send resume, cover letter, and a writing sample to work@orcid.org by January 19.


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  • Blog | How should ORCID be pronounced? 2013-01-07 16:03

    As an international organization, we have encountered many different ways of saying “ORCID”.   A recent query to our help desk asked us to put on our main page, “What is the right way to say the name? Is it "Orc-Eye-Dee" or "O-R-C-I-D" or "OAR-CID?"  We are not that picky, so long as you register and use your iD.  But, for those who want to know:  ORCID has two syllables, and a hard “c”.  Phonetically, it is pronounced "oar-kid".   I usually tell people it is pronounced like the flower "orchid" but spelled without the H. 

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  • Blog | ORCID Continues to Grow 2012-12-28 22:28

    ORCID has been growing steadily since our launch in October.  By 27 December, 42,918 researchers had registered for iDs, about a third of them via manuscript submission systems or by linking with other identifiers.

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  • Newsletter | ORCID iDs and the NLM DTD: How does it work? 2012-12-19 23:40

    The National Library of Medicine has announced that participating publishers that submit final article XML directly to PubMedCentral (PMC) can include ORCID iDs in their XML.  These changes to its DTD were made available in mid December.

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  • Blog | What is ORCID, Anyway? 2012-12-18 21:13

    What is ORCID?

    At its core, ORCID is a persistent registry of unique and persistent identifiers for researchers. For these identifiers to be effective, the research community needs to know they exist, and see value in using them. Over 37,000 researchers have registered for an ORCID iD. But, to realize the full potential of ORCID, research information systems must embed ORCID iDs and link back with ORCID to synchronize and update research activity data.

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  • Blog | The O in ORCID 2012-12-05 20:58

    We’ve been using the acronym ORCID for a while. Every so often someone asks, what does it stand for? ORCID is short for Open Researcher and Contributor ID.  (I also like the ring of Open Researcher Community ID, but that is a topic for another blog.)

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  • News | (Repost) Observing Growth in Popularity of ORCID 2012-11-18 22:05

    Posted by Brian Kelly (UK Web Focus) on 15 November 2012.  Full article and images are available on the UK Web Focus Blog.

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  • News | CrossRef and ORCID Collaborate to Accurately Attribute Authorship of Scholarly Content 2012-11-14 23:14

    14 November 2012, Bethesda, MD, USA and London, UK


    ORCID and CrossRef are collaborating to solve the problem of ambiguous author names in scholarly content. ORCID began assigning unique identifiers to researchers in October. As part of the ORCID Registry, individuals can search the metadata from CrossRef, the largest organization assigning Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to scholarly content, and add their works to their personal ORCID records.

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  • News | ORCID and CASRAI collaborate to advance research data interoperability 2012-11-09 19:04

    ORCID and CASRAI are pleased to announce that they will be working closely to collaboratively advance our non-profit mandates. 

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  • News | Comments on the ORCID Launch? 2012-10-21 15:28
  • News | ORCID Launches Registry 2012-10-16 10:54

    ORCID  (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is excited to announce the launch of its Registry (http://orcid.org), where researchers can distinguish themselves by creating a unique personal identifier. 

    “ORCID addresses a problem shared by individuals and organizations across the research community: reliably connecting research with researchers,” said Laure Haak, Executive Director of the non-profit ORCID organization.  “But ORCID is more than a Registry, it is a community effort to embed these identifiers in research workflows.” 

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  • News | ORCID Announces its Launch Partners 2012-08-31 20:43
  • News | ORCID Job Postings: Lead Developer and Technical Support Specialist 2012-08-15 02:47

    If you like the excitement of a start-up and the public service orientation of a non-profit, come join us as we gear up for the launch of the ORCID registry. ORCID is looking for a lead developer with back-end and mid-tier expertise, hands-on experience with record matching and disambiguation, and demonstrated ability leading teams and communicating with users and third-party developers.

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  • News | What does an ORCID Identifier look like? 2012-08-03 00:40

    A number of organizations and individuals have been asking: what does an ORCID identifier look like?  The ORCID ID is a 16-digit number that is compatible with the ISO Standard (ISO 27729). ORCID IDs will be randomly assigned by the ORCID Registry and will be expressed as a URI. 

    An example ORCID identifier would have the following structure: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-3843-3472

    Individuals will be able to register for an ORCID identifier at launch in October.

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  • News | Registration for October 17 Outreach Meeting Now Open 2012-07-25 15:45

    The next Outreach Meeting will take place October 17 in Berlin, Germany and we have just opened the registration page at http://about.orcid.org/civicrm/event/info?reset=1&id=6. Registration is free and you can register for in-person or virtual attendence via WebEx. We are still working on the program, but this will be a very special meeting as the ORCID Registry will launch in October.

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  • News | ORCID Soliciting Launch Partners 2012-07-19 23:32
  • News | ORCID Launch Plan Announced 2012-07-17 20:51

    The ORCID Registry will go live in October, 2012.  At that time, individuals may register for a persistent ORCID ID and manage their ORCID record. In addition to the public Registry, included in the October release will be a public Application Programming Interface (API); and for members an authenticated API to create, edit, and view information stored in the ORCID Registry.  During the pre-launch phase we are working with institutions, publishers, manuscript tracking vendors, and funding bodies to ensure effective integration of ORCIDs into a variety of critical research workflows.

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  • News | Become an ORCID member 2012-06-01 18:03

    When the ORCID service is launched later this year, individuals may create, manage and share their ORCID record without a membership fee.  Please register for our newsletter  to receive updates on the launch schedule.

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  • News | Two new articles about ORCID 2012-05-30 15:22

    Nature News today has published an article about ORCID. Educause Review has published a paper written by Brian Wilson (Chair Technical Working Group) and Martin Fenner (Chair Outreach Working Group) in the May/June issue. Both articles are a status report of the ORCID initiative. 

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  • News | ORCID Announces New Technical Director Laura Paglione 2012-05-17 21:36
  • News | Program for May 17 Outreach Meeting (almost) Complete 2012-05-07 19:12

    The May 17 Outreach Meeting is less than two weeks away and we look forward to talk to many of you in person or via WebEx. Today we have updated the program available here, with several presentations by ORCID Board members and staff in the morning, followed by three sessions focussing on funding organizations, research institutions, publishers, and a keynote.

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  • News | ORCID API Documents Updated 2012-04-26 14:39

    The ORCID API documents have been updated to include details of the search API. The ORCID search API is based on SOLR, and will support all query syntaxes available in SOLR 3.6, including Lucene with SOLR extensions, DisMax, and Extended DisMax. Details of the API can be found in the Query API documentation . The implementation of the Search API will be released in the upcoming 1.0 release of the ORCID binary.

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  • News | Program for May 17 Outreach Meeting Available - Please Register 2012-04-20 16:58

    Please join us for the next in-person ORCID Outreach Meeting on Thursday, May 17, 9.30 AM - 4.30 PM in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The meeting is sponsored by Microsoft Research. All participant organizations and organizations interested in joining ORCID are welcome to attend in-person or virtually via WebEx. 

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  • News | ORCID appoints Laure Haak as Executive Director 2012-04-03 14:14

    ORCID has appointed Laurel L. Haak PhD, as its Executive Director, it was announced today. Haak joins the not-for-profit organization effective April 9 and will be based in Bethesda, Maryland.

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  • News | Version 1.0.4 of the ORCID Mock API Released 2012-03-23 07:52
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