Jørn Hurum

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Jørn Hurum (2016-01-24)

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Mesozoic mammals, tyrannosaurid dinosaurs, marine reptiles

Jørn Hurum (2014-04-30)

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Jørn H. Hurum is an associate professor in vertebrate paleontology at the Natural History Museum, University of Oslo. In the academic year 1987 he started studies of paleontology at the University of Oslo. He finished his Master in 1993 and Ph.D. in 1997 both on Late Cretaceous multituberculate mammals. He received a two year grant to study skull morphology in tyrannosaurid theropods by the Norwegian research council 1998-2000 as a Post doc. Project. Since 2001 his fieldworks in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard have resulted in publication of Cretaceous dinosaur tracks and Paleocene mammal tracks. Lately the work on a late Jurassic Lagerstätte (2004-2012), one of the world’s largest localities for Upper Jurassic marine reptiles has received international attention. Another smaller project was on early primates when the Natural History Museum acquired the only complete fossil primate ever found in 2007, nicknamed Ida. Hurum is a 2011 National Geographic Emerging Explorer.

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