Diana M Fernandes



Diana Fernandes received her degree in Chemistry (2005) from the University of √Čvora (UE) and her PhD in Chemistry (2010) from the University of Aveiro (UA). In 2011, she joined the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department of the University of Porto as a postdoctoral fellow and is member of REQUIMTE, a network in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in Portugal. Her research interests have been focused on the chemistry of materials and nanomaterials - polyoxometalates and carbon materials (carbon nanotubes, graphene derivatives), functionalization of materials and nanomaterials, functional nanostructured hybrid films and electrode modification: applications from electroanalysis to electrocatalysis. Recently, her interest is mainly focused on nanomaterials for renewable energy generation, storage, and conversion. She has supervised several undergraduate/graduate students and participated in 5 R&D and R&TD projects. She has actively served as an invited reviewer for several scientific journals and was a member of organizing/scientific committee of some national conferences, workshops and courses. Additionally, in 2014 won the prize Young Investigator Award in Electrochemistry of the Portuguese Electrochemical Society, encouragement of scientific research activity in Electrochemistry.

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