J.C.B. Lopes



José Carlos Lopes graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1977, at FEUP the Engineering School of the University of Porto. In the same year, he joined the Chemical Engineering Department of FEUP as Teaching Assistant. In 1979 he started his Ph.D. studies at the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Houston (Texas, USA), and obtained the Ph.D. degree en 1984 under the guidance of the late Professor Abe Dukler in the area of Multiphase Fluid Mechanics. He then joined Schlumberger Ltd. as a Research Scientist where he worked at Schlumberger-Doll Research Center (Ridgefield, Conneticut, USA) until the end of 1986 and at Schlumberger Cambridge Research (Cambridge, UK) in 1987, conducting research in Well-Bore Multi-Phase Flows. He returned to FEUP in 1988 as Auxiliary Professor, and joined the research group LSRE. In 2005 he founded Fluidinova, a spin-off from FEUP, the first nanoparticle-based products company in Portugal. Since 2010 is back at FEUP, teaching as Associate Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department, and pursuing research at the Associated Laboratory LSRE/LCM. His main research interests are mixing in chemical reactors, reactive rheology, process simulation with CFD and Network Modeling, and nanoparticles-based product development with NETmix and T-Jets technologies, namely gas hydrates/clatherates (CO2, N2, CH4 ,..). He has been teaching at FEUP several Chemical Engineering courses, namely Fluid Mechanics, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Polymeric Materials and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

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