VA Vassiliev



Born 1956, Moscow, USSR. Education: Mech. and Math. Dept. of Moscow State Univ., 1973-81, supervised by V.I.Arnold. Work at Steklov Math. Inst. since 1995. Independent Moscow Univ. 1991-2005. Math. Dept., Higher School of Economics (Moscow) since 2008. Plenary address at International Congress of Math. in Zurich, 1994. Prize of Moscow Math. Soc., 1985. Miller Research Professorship, Berkeley Univ., 1999. Visiting commonership, Trinity College Cambridge 2000. Member of Russian Ac. Sci. since 2003. Member of Executive Committee of Intern. Math. Union, 2004-2010. President of Moscow Math. Society since 2010. See also

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