Prof. Guido Rings



Guido Rings is Professor of Postcolonial Studies, director of the Research Unit for Intercultural and Transcultural Studies (RUITS), and Course Leader for the MA Intercultural Communication. He is also co-editor of German as a Foreign Language and iMex, the first internet journals in Europe for their respective fields. Professor Rings has widely published within different areas of Postcolonial Studies as well as European Languages and Cultural Studies. This includes the authored books The Conquest upside down/La Conquista desbaratada (2010), Conquered Conquerors/Eroberte Eroberer (2005), Narrating against the Tide/Erzählen gegen den Strich (1996) and BBC-German Grammar (with R. Tenberg, new edition 2005). He has also edited the first dossier on Spanish Film for the journal Iberoamericana, entitled 'The Other side of migration'/'La otra cara de la migración' (2009), and co-edited the volumes 'Neo-colonial mentalities in contemporary Europe' (with A. Ife 2008), 'Worlds of Images, Worlds of Texts, Worlds of Comics'/'Bilderwelten, Textwelten, Comicwelten' (with F. Leinen 2007) and 'European Cinema: Inside Out' (with R. Morgan-Tamosunas 2003), and he is the author of more than 40 refereed articles and numerous review-articles.

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