Gianni A. Sarcone



Gianni A. Sarcone is an international author, science writer, and artist. He is a leading expert on visual illusions and how they relate to the underlying mechanisms of sensory and cognitive perception. He has written several books on the science of visual illusions and perception, on creativity, and on brain training and critical thinking. His artworks and feature articles on educational topics and creative thinking are published and syndicated in international magazines, newspapers, and books. G. Sarcone acknowledges himself as a 'visual illusionist' or a 'curiosity promoter'. He likes to combine visual art, psychology, cognitive sciences, and logic paradoxes to test people's ingenuity and to prompt the curious to look beyond what seems obvious, to think and to see outside of the box. He has co-founded with Marie-Jo Waeber the Archimedes' Laboratory™ Project (, an interactive and entertaining site that provides online tutoring, educational content and activities to stimulate the mind and the imagination of the visitors (the website was quoted by Scientific American as follows: "This virtual lab borrows the empirical spirit and creative curiosity that Archimedes brought to his work and invites visitors to explore with the same expectations for mind-blowing discovery" - May 27, 2003). More information on Wikipedia:

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