David M. Fobes



Dr. David M Fobes obtained his PhD in Physics from Tulane University where, as a Louisiana Board of Regents Graduate Fellow, he studied the effects of chemical substitution on strongly correlated electron materials using advanced materials synthesis techniques. Shortly thereafter he joined CMPMSD at Brookhaven National Laboratory, where he investigated the lattice dynamics in iron-based superconductors using neutron spectroscopy, and assisted in the development of a new scattering instrument at Oak Ridge National Lab. As a member of MPA-CMMS at Los Alamos National Lab, he used neutrons to study how magnetic frustration and anisotropy affect emergent phases observed near superconductivity. His work has generated considerable impact in his field; his more than thirty publications, appearing in journals such as Nature Materials, Nature Physics, and Nature Communications have already been cited nearly six hundred times. His broader research interests include the complex role of magnetic interactions in quantum materials, which have the potential for future functionality.

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