Hadi Fanaee-T



Hadi Fanaee-T completed his PhD (with distinction) in Computer Science (Major AI) under supervision of Professor Joao Gama at the Faculty of Science of University of Porto, Portugal in November 2015. He was among the finalists in Cor Baayen Young Researcher award 2017. Presently, he is a postdoctoral fellow at the department of biostatistics, University of Oslo, Norway working on high dimensional data integration and analysis with applications to omics data analysis. Prior to this he was a postdoctoral researcher in European FP7 Project "MAESTRA" at INESC TEC research institute, Portugal. His main research interests are interdisciplinary applications of tensor decompositions, data fusion, anomaly/event detection and spatiotemporal data mining. He is the first-author of several journal and conference papers. He has served as a PC member to over 20 prestigious conferences (e.g. IJCAI, ECML-PKDD, ISMIS, ACM SAC, etc.) and also reviewer to several high-impact journals (e.g. TDKE, DMKD, ML, KAIS, KBS, CSUR). Dr. Fanaee was an invited talk at the summer school on "mining big and complex data" held in Ohrid, Macedonia, September 2016 (watch in videolectures) . He is co-adviser of a PhD student, and was co-adviser of a visiting PhD student, and two research fellows. He is leading the SimTensor project.

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