Jorge Frade



SHORT BIBLIOGRAPHY - Jorge Frade is Full Professor of Materials Science & Engineering, since 1996. He was educated as a chemical engineer (Coimbra University,1978), obtained his PhD in glass technology (Sheffield University,1983), and “agregação”/DSc in Materials Science & Engineering (Aveiro University, 1995). - He received the prize for Scientific Excellence from the Portuguese Science Foundation (2005) - He has published ca 300 SCI papers with ca 6000 citations (h-index 41), coordinated 20 funded projects, including 9 european, and supervised 20 post-docs and 15 PhDs. - He has been a member of assessment committees of research projects, grants (posdoc & PhD), assessment panels of PhD programs (A3Es), and many examinations of PhD thesis, in Portugal and also abroad. - He has been a regular referee for a variety of journals in materials science, chemistry and related areas. - SCIENTIFIC INTERESTS His initial research interests (early 80s) were mainly focused on glass refining, solid state reactions and crystallisation, including modelling. His interests were then changed to take a major emphasis on materials for energy conversions or storage. Still, his research activities were re-focused every decade since, to integrate a blending of different technologies in energy and environment, as summarized below: - Materials for solid oxide fuel cells and related processes, starting in the early 90s; - Membranes for oxygen separation, seeking oxyfuel technologies or partial oxidation of methane to syngas, starting by 2000; - Alternative CO2-lean technologies such as Fe-electrolysis (from 2004); - Heat storage (starting by 2010) and thermoelectric heat conversion (starting by 2015); - Processing of cellular materials for catalysis and energy (from 2013) - Catalytic conversion of fuels, mainly catalytic combustion to suppress pollutants in flue gases such as NOx, CO, VOCs,…,(from 2016); - Catalytic oxygasification of biomass (from 2017); - Electrowinning of metals from industrial residues (from 2017) CURRENT TEAM: - Yuliya Ivanova (posdoc); Medhi Shabani (posdoc); Isabel Antunes (posdoc); Blanca Serrano (posdoc), Alejandro Natoli (PhD student); Daniela Lopes (PhD student); Luís Ruivo (PhD student); Kiryl Zakharchuk (PhD student); Cesarina Freitas (research fellow); Miguel Baptista (research fellow);

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