Masoud Mofarahi



Masoud Mofarahi is a Full Professor in the area of Adsorption technology and CO2 emission Capture at the Chemical Engineering Department of Persian Gulf University (PGU). He graduated in Chemical Engineering at Shiraz University in 1991, obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering at Tarbiat Modares University in 2003. Currently, he is member of the scientific board of PGU. Presently, he teaches the courses of Advanced Thermodynamics, Advanced Fluid Mechnics and Experimental Design. He has supervised more than 35 MSc and Phd students. His main fields of research are Gas Adsorption, Pressure Swing Adsorption, CO2 Capture, Nano-fluids and Thermodynamics of Amine Solutions. He has participated in more than 10 national and international projects in the area of Environmental and Energy, around 40 papers in international peer-reviewed journals and more than 50 papers in international conferences.

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