Luis Cunha-Silva



Luís Cunha-Silva (born Dec 1974) graduated in Technological Chemistry at Faculty of Sciences - University of Lisbon on 1998, being honoured as the best student of the degree in that year. After a positive experience as teacher in the high-school, he initiated the research work in the University of Aveiro under the supervision of Prof. José Teixeira Dias leading to the PhD degree in Chemistry (Jan 2005). On Feb. 2005, Cunha-Silva moved to the University of Leeds, UK, for a Post-doctoral research position in the Prof. Michaele Hardie group, and one year later returned to the University of Aveiro (Associated Laboratory CICECO) to continue his Post-doctoral studies in the research groups of Prof. João Rocha and Dr. Filipe Paz. Cunha-Silva embraced an independent career on Sep. 2008, after the attribution of an Assistant Researcher position at “Centro de Química Estrutural”, “Instituto Superior Técnico”, Technical University of Lisbon. In Sep. 2009 he moved for the Associated Laboratory REQUIMTE, Faculty of Sciences - University of Porto continuing as Assistant Researcher, and creating and leading his own research group in Functional Crystalline Materials. At present, his main R&D interests and experience encompass the porous metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for gas adsorption / storage / separation, and metal remediation; the composite hybrid materials for heterogeneous catalysis; the photoluminescent lanthanide based coordination polymers, as potential optical sensors; the high-nuclearity complexes, as potential materials for magnetic devices; the preparation of functional materials by sustainable methods, among others. A key element common to these lines of research is the investigation of the solid-state structure of new compounds and materials, to recognize and develop the relationship structure - proprieties - applications. Cunha-Silva developed a significant expertise in the determination of crystal structures by X-ray diffraction (both single-crystal and powder, including the utilization of synchrotron radiation). Since his appointment as Assistant Researcher, Cunha-Silva supervised / co-supervised 4 Post-doctoral researchers, 2 PhD student, several master students, research fellows and undergraduate students. At moment, he is author/co-author of more than 100 scientific papers in international peer reviewed journals Furthermore, Cunha-Silva is one of the inventors of one national and international patent (patent numbers: WO2012044189-A1 and PT105315-A1).

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