Serge Noiret



Serge Noiret, (Born in Brussels, Belgium, 31 of March 1957). I am a public historian working as History Information Specialist (Fachreferent in German or Subject Specialist in English) in the European University Institute’s Library, Florence, Italy, to sustain the academic activities of the History & Civilization Department. I got my PhD in contemporary history in 1985 at the European University Institute and the equivalent Belgian title of Docteur en Philosophie et Lettres that same year. I speak and write in French, Italian, English; I published widely on the crisis of the Italian liberal state before fascism, the history of political parties, electoral systems and electoral campaigns in Italy and Europe and on digital (public) history; I taught "Comparative history of Electoral Systems" at the University of Urbino in Italy and “Digital History and Information Literacy” at the University of Naples and, today, at the EUI. I participated to and organized many international conferences in Italy, Europe and in other continents. My research activity focuses today on the History of Public History, Digital (Public) History, Digital Humanities and Information Literacy. A list of publications in this field are available here on my blog Digital & Public History ). I'm editing with Mark Tebeau (ASU) the Handbook of Digital Public History for the publisher De Gruyter (2019). I am member of the editorial board of the Financial History Review, Memoria e Ricerca, Ricerche Storiche, Il Capitale Culturale. Studies on the value of cultural heritage; I am member of the scientific council of the "Réseau national de la Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme" at the EHESS (Paris), of the MSH Paris Nord, and member of the steering committee of OpenEditions Italia; member of the international scientific committee of the Museum and Documentation Center for the History of Fascism in Predappio (IT); member of the Steering Committee of the SISF, (Italian Society for the Study of Photography); founding member of the Italian Association for Digital Humanities and Digital Culture (AIUCD); “auditeur” for Humanistica (the francophone association for Digital Humanities) from 2015-; member of the scientific council of Europeana14-18; I maintain the European History Primary Sources portal (EHPS) for accessing Open Access primary sources. I joined the US National Coalition for Public History (NCPH) in 2010 to foster the process of internationalization of the field and participated to the foundation of the International Federation for Public History (IFPH-FIHP) between 2011-2012. I was President of IFPH-FIHP (2012-2017) and of the AIPH (Associazione Italiana di Public History), 2017- I contributed to found in Italy.

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