Doctorate Degree in progress Professional with 20 years of experience in police training around the world. This experience made me realize the necessity to implant a specific police training under the viewpoint of labour risk prevention. The achievement of this target is the beginning of the “I Title in University Expert: Instructor in techniques of labour prevention risk specific for the police and army” where I participate as Director. Member of the investigation team of Biomedical and Telemedicine Investigation of the University of Cádiz Investigator of: Investigation Project DER2012-35997-C03-02 “Legal Medicine and Protocols of police defense”. (University of Granada) Investigation Project DER2012-35997-C03-03 “Studies of materials of police defenses and possible improvements”, (University of Cádiz) Director of “Escuela para la Prevención de la Violencia” (non profit organization focused in the prevention of violence), it’s goal is to promote I+D+I activities with international conexión. This organization is registered in the Ministry of Economy and Competitivity (Government of Spain).

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