Daniel J Morse



I'm a passionate postdoctoral researcher at Cardiff University, School of Dentistry with an interest in oral microbiology, and in particular, the inter-kingdom interactions between Candida and bacteria - associated with the condition denture-associated stomatitis. My PhD project was multidisciplinary; primarily microbiology focused in order to evaluate microbial composition of denture-associated biofilms, and investigate the interactions between microorganisms, but also tissue engineering with the aim to develop an oral mucosal tissue model which can be used to model biofilm infection and analyse host cell responses to microorganisms in this manner. I have presented at the IADR conference, Boston, MA, USA in 2015, San Francisco, CA, USA in 2017 and at the Biofilms7 meeting in Porto, Portugal, and at many national conferences. I've won a number of presentation awards for my work and presentations, including the prestigious Senior Colgate prize.

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