Nigel Glover



Professor Glover's interest in high energy particle physics dates from approximately 1020 am on the 17th November 1981 during a 3rd year lecture at Cambridge when Richard Ansorge explained that all matter was made of quarks and leptons. Shortly thereafter he began work on a PhD under the enthusiastic direction of Professor Alan Martin FRS at Durham. The main goals were (and still are) to study the fundamental forces and particles of nature using information gained in high energy particle physics experiments. His PhD thesis was titled Studies in high energy proton-antiproton collisions. This research has taken him back to Cambridge (185-87) and to the major international accelerator laboratories at CERN, Geneva (1987-89) and Fermilab, Batavia (1989-91). In 1991 he returned to Durham. He was promoted to Reader in 1996 and to Professor in 2002 and has since held a PPARC Senior Fellowship (2003-6) and a Wolfson Research Merit Award (2008-13). He was Director of the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology (2005-10) and elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2013. He was awarded the 2017 John William Strutt, Lord Rayleigh Medal and Prize by the Institute of Physics.

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