Mauro Rossi

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Mauro Rossi (2016-01-24)

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Geomorphology, Landslide, Hazard, Risk, GIS

Mauro Rossi (2015-01-15)

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Mauro Rossi is a researcher of the Institute of Research for the Geo-Hydrological Protection, of the Italian National Research Council. His research activities are mainly focused on landslide and erosion processes hazard modelling and in particular on the (i) statistical modelling of susceptibility, (ii) temporal hazard and magnitude of landslides; (iii) physically-based modelling of shallow landslides and erosion processes; (iv) statistical analysis of landslide and rainfall time series, including satellite rainfall data series. He participates to the design, development and implementation of the Italian landslide early warning system. He participates to several European project, among which LAMPRE, BIOSOS, FIRESENSE. The most recent research activity is focused on the combined modelling of landslide and erosion processes integrating the role of vegetation.

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