Greicy Silva



Greicy holds a Master Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at Évora University in Portugal. She had many experiences in advertising and marketing studies also work experience with them. She is currently working in a Startup at Sirius Programme in London supported by UK Trade and Investment. She also holds a Specialization in Marketing Managment and a bachelor degree in Advertising that gave me several knowledge about Online and Offline Communication channels and strategies. She had the opportunity to work at Advertising agency managing 5 accounts by myself and creating Communication Plan for specifics clients. After it, she started as Marketing Responsible at Pharmaceutical Company that attends 16 stores in 5 different cities. This job needed engaged and managed a really specific target audience. Those experiences develop her skills of project management after an else flexibility to implement and execute what is necessary on time. Her talents are Adaptability, her adaptability enables me to respond positively to the demands of the moment. Ideating, fascinated by ideas. Concept, the best explanation for most events. An idea is a connection. Her mind is always looking for connections. Input, inquisitive, I like to collect things. She likes traveling because each new location offers new facts and artifacts that can be acquired and stored. Strategic Thinking, order in the confusion to find the best way out. Restoration, She loves solving problems. She feels energized. She celebrates with the challenge of analyzing the symptoms, identifying what is wrong and finding a solution.

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