Ted Ladd



Ted Ladd is a professor of entrepreneurship and research fellow at the Hult International Business School, primarily on its San Francisco campus, as well as an instructor at Harvard University in Cambridge. He has also taught at the Copenhagen Business School and Presidio Graduate School. Ted was the director of ecosystems at a startup backed by Foxconn to pioneer the wearable internet of things (a “smartwatch”) until it was acquired by Google as the basis for Android Wear. He has founded, led, or participated in five other mobile-tech and clean-tech startups, with a variety of outcomes (some good, some not). Ted’s research focuses on methods to design business models for early stage high-tech startups, and has appeared in several academic and practitioner-oriented publications and conferences, including the Harvard Business Review and TED. He holds a PhD in the management of sustainable business systems from Case Western Reserve, an MBA in entrepreneurship from Wharton, an MA in international economics with honors from Johns Hopkins, a BA in government, biology, and sociology cum laude from Cornell, and a certificate in horseshoeing. Ted received a Fulbright Scholarship as a SyCip Fellow to teach entrepreneurship in the Philippines. His research won three grants from the National Science Foundation, the “best paper” in social entrepreneurship from the Academy of Management, and the paper “most relevant to practicing entrepreneurs” from USASBE. Ted and his wife live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where he is on the board of several private, public, and non-profits emphasizing economic development. In his youth, he herded grizzly bears, cattle, horses, and tourists as a ranch hand, wrangler, ranger, and biologist.

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