Sherese M Lyons



Sherese Lyons has a love for God and helping people heal. Throughout her life she has inspired many people; her family, friends and those she meets in public. She speaks constantly of living close and obedient to Christ. Some of her passions are, showing others how to be kind, positive, and forgiving; and also how to find the root cause of things that have people bound, and dig it up, once and for all. As a mom of two intelligent kids; a boy and a girl, she teaches her children the value of; believing in God, who is higher than us all, and to seek out their destiny and walk in it. She is an author, and through her writing, she is fond of expressing; life changing wisdom, and inspiration, which leads to healing and blessings. She has written; a six-book series for children, regarding how to handle bullying, also a novella of short stories on, when and how to pray, two books containing inspirational and motivational messages, a book of quotes, and a book of poems for children. Currently she's working on writing a movie adaptation of her 6-book series; where the main character stands up to bullying, and she's also working on the last installment of her 3-book series on, how to raise kids to live godly. She is a member of IWA (International Writers Association). Her education includes; creative writing and a B. S. in Criminal Justice.

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