Ashkan Shahbazian



Ashkan graduated at the end of summer 2008 from Sharif University of Technology in Iran with a degree of Master of Science in structural engineering. Following this, he applied for postgraduate research study (PhD) and was successful in gaining a place in the well-established Structures and Fire Expert Group of the School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester. In April 2009, Ashkan started his four year PhD research on “Simplified Thermal and Structural Analysis Methods for Cold-Formed Thin-Walled Steel Studs in Wall Panels Exposed to Fire from One Side” under the supervision of Professor Y. C. Wang. Throughout the course, Ashkan not only showed his great interest in lightweight wall panels under fire conditions at university level, but he also showed his interest externally. He has carried out some new and original work which led to publications including journal papers and articles. In addition, he attended a few conferences and meetings in both the structure and fire engineering field organised by the Institute of Structural Engineers, University of Manchester and Structures in Fire Forum (STIFF) to present his research to both engineers and researchers. Ashkan presented his work at the Young Researchers' Conference 2011 and won the first prize in the poster presentation category competition. He also presented his work at a regional meeting of the Institute of Structural Engineers and received the Young Members Papers’ Award 2011. Currently, he is a postdoc fellow at ISISE working on different and interesting European R&D projects under supervision of Professor Luis Simoes da Silva.

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